Jun 3rd, 2013

CM10.1.0 RC3 data usage

Custom ROMs are great. They allow you do all kinds of crazy wonderful things to your phone, tweaking and modifying software to your heart’s content. Of course as most ROM-addicts already know, they can also give you bugs. These sorta things just come with the turf, we know.

Some users running the “stable” version of the CyanogenMod custom ROM (version 10.1.0 RC3), might have fallen out of their chairs after looking at their data usage for the month. Users normally hitting 500MB for the month were given quite a scare to discover their devices smashing though that 2GB warning, and hitting upwards of 20GB.

Apparently, this little “bug” was nothing more than a reporting error, and didn’t affect all users. It had something to do with a specific processor the boys at CyanogenMod used to test their ROM. No worries, they quickly issued a fix with CM10.10 RC4. The latest stable ROM should fix that small issue right up and as the CM boys put it, “does math again.” So, which ever forum you use to grab your CM, might wanna head on over if you haven’t already and update.

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