May 30th, 2013

uno and friends

We’ve been patiently awaiting the launch of Gameloft’s take on Uno, and that day has finally arrived. The game studio has released UNO and Friends for Android. The game carries an initial price tag of $0, but you’ll be throttled on a token-based freemium model. The more you want to play, the more you’ll have to pay. The game delivers a classic UNO experience either against bots or against your friends and family (hence the name).

You can use unique gameplay modifiers like boosts and super boosts to give yourself an advantage over your opponents, and you’ll be able to use different backgrounds, card deck designs, and special effects (some of which you’ll have to pay for with coin packs). Users can earn more tokens and coins by playing a daily scratch-off game, competing in leaderboard challenges, earning achievements and doing things like connecting your Facebook profile to your account.

Of course, those willing to buy Tokens can get them as cheap as $2 for 20 tokens or $100 for 1,500. Coin packs are $2 for 470 coins up to $100 for 35,000. If that particular money grab wasn’t enough, the game also features ads, and users have the option of disabling those for an extra $3. This is freemium, folks, and as long as gamers tell developers they don’t want to pay for mobile games they’ll be subject to these tactics for a long time coming. Find it in the Google Play Store if you’re interested

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