Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini size comparison to Galaxy S4, Galaxy Mega 6.3 [VIDEO]


We’ve seen the Galaxy S4 Mini every which why by now. We’ve seen it in leaked photos, we’ve seen it in official renders, and now it’s finally time to see it on video. Three UK was the first to give the world a glimpse of the phone in all its glory on video. The all-important size comparison was done, with the host stacking the Galaxy Mega 6.3, the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 Mini on top of each other to give us a better of idea of just how much smaller it is.

It’s true that 4.3 inches can hardly be considered “mini,” but if you are going by the screen sizes these massive phones boast it definitely feels that way in this day and age. Take it from someone who has been using a Galaxy Note 2 since launch and finding it difficult to go back down to a 4.65 inch Galaxy Nexus — it does start to feel tiny after a while.

samsung galaxy s4 mini

That said, small isn’t always bad. We’re sure those who heart the ability to perform one-handed functions with the smartphone will be pleased to see something like this. Oh, and just for the record, I’m not buying the excuse that small phones can’t be outfitted with big specs — Apple seems to be able to do it just fine. Watch the video above if you’re interested.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Papa bear, Mama bear, and Baby bear, which phone you want Goldilocks?

    1. I’m not Goldilocks but I’ll go with the G-Note 3. That is depending if the Moto X is a disappointment.

      1. thse phablets are too big for me. the GS4 (mama bear) is already pushing it..lol i am also waiting for this MOTO X….fingers crossed…

        1. I’m considering the G-Note 3 if the overall size its not bigger than the G-Note 2 by no more than 4-6mm…Anything bigger than that I’ll pass on it.

  2. Whao..whao.. whao.. whao.. whao.. You had me at Ultra-fast ready along with those super close ups! pause NOT!

  3. When is the mega suppose to come out?

  4. So the Galaxy S4 Mini is a TEENSY bit smaller than the S3, but with lower-end specs.

    Why not just get the S3? O_o

    1. its pretty much same size as the iphone 5,maybe a mm taller and wider so i wouldnt say its teensy bit smaller..as for getting the s3, this phone is for people who dont want a bigger phone but still want some of the features of the s4 like the camera features,ir remote etc and also just dont want to spend $700 on a phone.


      you can see size comparison here and its a lot smaller than it seems…i use to think the iphone 5 isnt that much smaller than my s4 but in person it really is so i think the same will be for the s4 considering its pretty much same as the iphone 5.
      think this will be a top seller, even though we might laugh at the spec, i think the average will be more than happy. i know quite a few people with the s3mini and to them it really is a s3 mini even though to us the spec says otherwise…agree though if it was me i would rather have the s3 but like i said to other people it really will be just a smaller s4.

    2. It’s not lower specced than the S3. Cameras are equivalent. Processor is better than US S3, and RAM is better than international S3. While storage is lower, people getting these tend to go for SD cards, so that is fairly moot. Only thing solidly better with the S3 is the resolution, although PPI will be close between them.

    3. Because the S3 isn’t “mini”, it’s bigger than the S4.

  5. Although large displays can be very nice, I still think that portability of the phone is very important. The S4 mini will be a great option for those who think that the S4 possesses features that are too much for them. But I’m really loving my phone right now and got it with the best price at http://www.squidoo.com/s4-galaxy


    1. The shape.. that’s pretty much what they did the last time. I wasn’t expecting much else although the spec are slightly better than expected.

  7. I’ve always considered the 4.3″ phone to be perfect and I think it be the standard. I have no effing clue why people want phones bigger than that. If only the Galaxy S4 Mini was released on all carriers with a Snapdragon 600 and supported by Cyanogenmod. This phone should also have PPI similar to the new GS4 thus having 1280×720 screen not qHD and it would be perfect.

    1. It would be perfect…… maybe for you, Mr. Smallhands.

  8. It would have been interesting to see the Note 2 compared as well.

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