May 22nd, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 can be used for many things, whether it be work, play, keeping up your social life or documenting your journeys. Samsung had to find some way to drive that point home, though, and someone within the Korean company’s marketing team figured out the best way to show folks just how useful this device can be to any situation — creepy or otherwise.

Samsung has released a new 4-minute music video that tells the tale of a Galaxy S4-owning bloke who has fallen in love with a girl from school. Instead of going, you know, the normal route of walking up to her and asking her out, the guy walks around like the creep of all creeps, using his smartphone’s 13 megapixel camera to snap photos of the girl without her knowing.

In the end, though, it wasn’t that bad. The girl falls for him, eventually, and she finds herself returning the favor of snapping pics of the guy who became obsessed with her in the first place. The song isn’t half bad, and the video’s direction seems fine enough, so if you don’t mind sitting through four minutes of poppy tunes and a visual story be sure to hit the play button above.

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