Samsung Galaxy S4 headed to Cricket June 7th for $55 down


samsung galaxy s4 airview

Cricket Wireless has announced that it would soon begin carrying the Samsung Galaxy S4. According to the presser, customers can begin purchasing the device June 7th, and they’ll only need an initial down payment of $55 to walk away with it. Of course, the obligation to pay for the smartphone doesn’t end there as the rest of the $600 price tag will be factored into your monthly bill until it’s fully paid for.

It’s the same Samsung Galaxy S4 we reviewed, of course, and it comes with the 4G LTE radios necessary to surf on Cricket’s high-speed data network. Of course, how much data you can consume at 4G speeds largely depends on your plan. Users can opt for 2GB of high-speed data at $50 per month, 5GB at $60 per month, or 10GB at $70.

Be sure to check with your local Cricket dealer to ensure you’ll be able to walk into the store and walk out with one of 2013’s top smartphones in two weeks’ time. Oh, and don’t forget that the best way to get psyched about any device is to start participating in all the exciting discussion going on over at AndroidForums.com.

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  1. A qwik check on the Cricket website shows 1GB $50, 2.5Gb $60 and 5GB $70 LTE data.

    Not sure where you got ur info from.

    1. I got it from the press release. The values you listed were the prices for 3G data within that same press release. Maybe it’s some sort of promotion. Let me verify.

    2. My bad QK. An area says ‘limited time double data’

  2. Nice! I may get this on Cricket just as a play phone until later this year when hopefully the Note 3 impresses me.

  3. Will they do a credit check? If not. I am game to move from T-Mobile.

    1. Cricket has no ability to do credit checks. Their financing is done by a 3rd party company called Progressive. As long as you have been employed for 6 months and have had an active checking account for 3 months. Just a warning – You’ll ultimately pay 110% for the total cost of the hardware purchased.

  4. I’m surprised they got one of the newer phones. I expected about 6 months before this news.

  5. Damn Cricket, get some!

  6. So tempting to switch carriers. This is an awesome deal, but how’s the network overall?

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