LG Optimus GJ announced as the waterproof/dustproof version of the Optimus G


LG Optimus GJ

Manufacturers like Sony may have started a trend in Android devices with handsets that are both sexy and safe from the elements. The LG Optimus GJ is the latest of these kinda devices, just announced for Taiwan. The GJ features almost identical specs as its Optimus G cousin, only with an all new glass-less, waterproof/dustproof form factor.

The Optimus GJ can withstand up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water giving it and IPX7 rating and is your best friend when spending time at the pool (as evidenced by the above models). Honestly, I’d say the best part about the device isn’t even environmental proof body, but the fact that LG has gone with a plastic battery cover on the device — which is removable, mind you — instead of the Gorilla Glass 2 found on the G.

LG Optimus GJ red

The device is being sold for $600 and where nothing was mentioned about the device coming to any other markets outside of Taiwan, we wouldn’t be surprised if something was announced at LG’s upcoming event on May 30th. Besides the Optimus GJ, we’ve been hearing rumors of a possible LG Optimus GK, a 5-inch sequel to the G featuring a full HD display, Snapdragon 600 processor, and beefy 3,100 battery. We’ll keep you posted.

[via UnwiredView | ePrice]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I came for the asians! Pun intended.

    I’ll take the cross eye’d one!

    1. Ha! Good eye. Yours not the…. nevermind. :x

  2. Chavez you never disappoint me. I’ll take the one in red ;)

    1. You know, they also have a black version of the Optimu– Ohhhhhhh ;D

  3. Bet y’all thought I was gonna bait and switch you again.

    OP delivered o/

    1. Did you enjoy the DL Show..lol.

      1. I have no idea what you are talking about. O_o

        1. Hmmmmmm….ok. lol.

    2. I’m still waiting for it on the other one…

    3. To be honest I was expecting that…. Never stops me from clicking though lol… This one delivered for sure though :-D

    4. I knew this article was written by you, simply by looking at the thumbnail :D

  4. Girls in bikinis playing with their smartphones…. just like the go-go bars up the road (I live in central Bangkok).

  5. The one on the left!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Actually the left body with the right face

    1. This ^^^^

  7. So this is what they mean by “Life is Good”.

  8. Based on this marketing, I can’t wait till LG comes out with a “warm baby oil in a kiddie pool” resistant phone. :-)

  9. I will never buy from LG until they fix their problems.

    1. With the *current* phones, what problems are you referring to?

    2. If you’re talking about their “past” problems, than you have a valid point.

      Their current problems are that they’re awesome and making great phones?

  10. I’m going to Korea…

    1. This launch “event” was in Taiwan :p

      1. Damn…ill move there too :D

  11. Wait, what phone? :D

  12. Comments about if girls come with the phone starting 3… 2… 1…

  13. Gj? What kind of name is that

  14. I’ll take the one in red, LG can keep their phone.

  15. Seriously were branding the girls now? and I thought only pimps did that.

  16. LG Optimus BJ

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