ASUS PadFone Infinity with US friendly bands to be announced at Computex 2013?


ASUS PadFone Infinity - Hot Pink

While showing off their all new hot pink colored ASUS PadFone Infinity, it seems the Taiwanese manufacturer may have let slip the possibility of a US variant of the convertible tablet to be announced in the coming weeks. While addressing comments and questions about the lack of a US-friendly 4G LTE PadFone Infinity, an ASUS Global rep said via their Google+ page to “wait and see” for what they could announce at this year’s Computex expo in June.

ASUS Padfone Infinity for US comments

Typically, Computex is where ASUS likes to show off their latest wares and is held in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s possible we’re reading way too much into this ASUS rep’s comments, but — aside from its awkward name — the ASUS PadFone Infinity has a lot to offer Android fans. Besides, you know, the whole converting into a full sized thing, the PadFone Infinity is equipped with a 5-inch 1080p full HD display (mirroring the tablet portion), packs a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32/64GB of internal storage, 2,400 mAh battery (the tablet portion adds another 5,000 mAh), and a 13MP rear/2MP front facing cameras. Just soak all that in for a minute.

Personally, I’ve had my heart set on an ASUS PadFone Infinity ever since we got some hands-on time with the device at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. At this point I just want to rub it all over my pale skin and sing sweet nothings into its microphone. But seriously, ASUS has a real opportunity to blind-side other Android OEM’s with the PadFone Infinity, one of the most well equipped and unique Android devices to date.

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  1. Kevin C Johnson is a doosh

    1. Indeed

  2. why not just make this with support for pentaband to begin with? even if no LTE support for north america, people will still pick it up for use on t-mobile/at&t

    1. I used to be a big “we don’t need LTE as long as we have HSPA+” kinda guy, but after experiencing AT&T’s LTE on my HTC One….. I’d gladly wait a little longer for ASUS to throw in some compatible HSPA+ AND LTE.

      That being said, I never understood why manufacturers don’t make all their devices pentaband? Google makes it seem so easy (minus the whole LTE part).

      1. i hear what you’re saying. being on t-mobile where LTE is not all over the map just yet, I’m fine with their HSPA+ service. as for why most manufacturers don’t go the route of pentaband, chances are they do this on purpose to not piss of regional carriers. imagine if all gsm phones were pentaband and unlocked, exclusivity would not exist and so goes the selling point for any carrier.

        on a related note, i don’t get why the unlocked htc one being sold through htc’s online store is not pentaband. WTF? if htc’s plan is to make the biggest comeback possible, why not make the phone as compatible as possible to the carriers in north america?

        1. That’s more or less what I was talking about. You’d think an OEM would make a pentaband version of all their flagships that you can buy full price and direct through them. Sounds like a no brainer :/

  3. if this launches here…on T-mobile….Take My money NOWWWWWWW!!!!

  4. Why doesn’t Google get Asus to develop a Nexus Phone? Once this hits the U.S. I’m good bye to the Nexus 4.

  5. What if I want to use my phone and my tablet at the same time?

    1. Buy another tablet?

  6. Let’s look at the population of potential consumers in North America and explain to me why Asus doesn’t think it’s worth selling the first two Padfones here. Why do they think Europe would definitely be worth the effort and not North America?

  7. I cant wait! I’ve ordered mine, and they say it should be in stock (in Sweden) at monday :D
    Cant wait to throw my Iphone away :)

  8. Well, that’s a sexy little thing there. I like it, I want it.

  9. “At this point I just want to rub it all over my pale skin and sing sweet nothings into its microphone.” ….O.o

  10. If they bring back the microSD slot, I might return my Note 8 and pic this up.

  11. Wait is this the padphone reviewed on phone dog? Didn’t get the best review I think? I also was hoping 4 this at some point… :/

  12. tinyurl.com/cnaff79

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