Hands-on: ASUS Padfone Infinity [VIDEO]


ASUS just introduced us to the latest member of the Padfone family, the Padfone Infinity and we had a chance to go hands-on with the phone/tablet hybrid. Unlike the equally new Fonepad, which is more or less a tablet with full phone functionality, the Padfone is all phone until you slide the 5-inch handset into its docking station. That’s when the magic happens.

The Padfone Infinity gets its power from the phone portion of the combo and features a quad-core Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.7GHz. The 5-inch display features a resolution of 1080p and a pixel density of about 440 ppi. Add in 2GB of RAM, storage options of 32GB and 64GB, and a 13MP camera (2MP front-facing) and you have the sort of hardware that can turn heads.

While the specs are on par with some of the best devices on the market, it’s the only one that can dock into a tablet. The tablet portion features a 1080p 10.1-inch Super IPS display, 1MP camera, and a microUSB port, leaving the heavy lifting to the actual phone.

The Padfone is a pretty gorgeous device to behold, and even without the tablet half it would be well worth consideration. The slate/phone will drop later this year at a price of about 999 euro. That’s a little steep, even considering everything you get. Hopefully some carrier will be brave enough to subsidize the Padfone and make it more affordable for the masses.

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ASUS announces Padfone Infinity

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  1. Hot damn Sam I want that bad boy. The US Carriers better get on board, this will sell. It has the best specs, great freaken camera, plenty of internal memory and killer build quality. Throw this together will great design and looks and while you are at it slide on the pad and you have potentially the best device of 2013, maybe. I want it. Great job Asus.

    1. Too bad that US carriers don’t like ASUS.

  2. Hah. I like how in the background of this video yet another guy was holding a tablet (looked like the Note 8) up to his ear and laughing while a buddy took his picture. Really? It’s like nobody’s ever heard of wired or wireless headsets, speakerphone, or bluetooth caraudio before…

    And here’s a dumb/great idea, just for a future Note: why not turn the pen itself into a bluetooth device that you can hold up to your ear, and charge when docked. If you have none of the aforementioned headsets avail, it’s easier and looks way less goofy talking with a pen against your head than a heavy book. :)

  3. So we are releasing a new PadFone every six month now? Not that I intent to buy one. I’m not a big fan of Asus, I’ve gone with Gigabyte. I wish they would come to America with some android hardware.

  4. That bottom line on the back looks like from HTC One…

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