Mysterious Sprint Motorola XT1056 passes through the FCC, possible X Phone variant



A mysterious Motorola device going be the model number XT1056 has just passed through the FCC, and judging by its radio bands, appears to be headed to the Now Network. The Motorola XT1056 houses all the necessary frequencies to ensure it works without a hitch on Sprint’s LTE network, as well as a few SIM-locked HSPA+ frequencies as well. Also on board is support for Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and WiFi 802.11ac.

Naturally we’re going to assume this could be none other than a Sprint variant of the much rumored Motorola X Phone (XFON), a device we saw pictured not too long ago headed for AT&T. That device too recently passed through the FCC carrying the model number XT1058. Seems Motorola could be planning for a cross carrier release of something, but what? (Whispers) XFON.

[FCC | via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. How unfortuante this year has become for these device makers. People (not you guys) running around saying stuff like that the One will make or break HTC, Motorola’s future depends on something we are if it exists and Nintendo is doomed. I wonder if these “predictions” are coming from the same people who thought the world will end in 2012…

    1. A little off topic (which is fine), but I was literally having a similar conversation with someone about this today.

      This dude made a comment that Microsoft should just “give up” (in regard to the Xbox One), not once thinking about how competition and choice benefits consumers more than anybody else.

      In the end, when big companies compete, we win. Without that, we’d have sucky customer service, boring products, and little innovation. I too don’t understand how Android fans could ever want less OEM’s delivering Android products, and 1 dominant corporation driving the market.

      Sure what Samsung is doing is great and I’m happy for their success, but as someone who owns multiple Android devices, I’d go nuts if Samsung was the ONLY option for Android fans.


      1. Sorry for being off topic, I just came from a different site about how important the X Phone will be for Motorola. I fully agree with you. These different companies help to innovate each other.

        I just cannot wait till we get some info on this device since I will be very dissapointed if the X Phone turns out to be this:

        1. Somehow, I feel like it is going to turn out to be a Droid Bionic. Way over hyped and overall it ends up being a major disappointment.

          1. That’s the problem, everyone builds these phones up, thinking they need to double the specs of the phone before it.

            As long as this “X Phone” has an almost bezel-less display like from the leaks, and a Snapdragon 600, 2GB of RAM, and a NON-glass back, running near-stock Android — I’ll be more than happy.

          2. that would come close to double the specs in my book haha but yes i agree this needs to be a killer phone…

            on a side note, i now work as a verizon phone sales rep so i am inclined to say “boo”

          3. Everything points to the X-Phone (or mini x-phone as some are calling this one) having an S4 Pro.

          4. Well… that and a kick-ass battery and/or super-optimized software load that gives awesome battery life!

            (Did I mention I want MOAR BAT-TRY????)

  2. BREAKING NEWS: A Phone seen in the pocket of the CEO of Motorola; could be Motorola X Phone

    1. I mean, it’s almost the same model number as the AT&T version, minus a digit. Also, if the Motorola CEO has any phone in his pocket, it’s most definitely the X Phone so in a way… you’re kinda right. Ha

    2. or a Blackberry. Doh!

  3. I love phone rumors just as much as everybody, but this whole X phone bull s**t is getting old. Sorry for the rant.


      1. You know you still love me ;)

        BTW, why don’t you do the android overload videos anymore ? I miss seeing your beautiful face before I go to sleep. Oh geez…was the creepy…lol.

        1. It was fun doing ’em everyday, it just got too time consuming. We moved ’em to a Friday weekly wrap up but now that we’re a man down around here, we already got our work cut out for us. :/

          1. Bring Kevin back, I mean lets be honest here, iSource is D…O…N…E….Done !!! Time to put it out to pasture, not trying to be rude just being honest.

          2. iSource also needs help, and it seems Kevin needed a change of pace. You know, we’re always looking for contributors…. :P

  4. Wow if this makes it onto every major carrier this will be a big phone.

    1. But it’s only 4 inches! LoL, J/K I know what you mean. I just don’t think this is going to be the XFON….. It doesn’t look like anything special, that’f for sure.

      1. I’m kinda hoping it’s a high-end 4-incher with software buttons and almost no bottom bezel. I think there’d be a big demand for a sub 4.7-inch Android device (as long as it has great specs).

        Honestly if the display was the size of the HTC First, I think I’d even be cool with 720p. Maybe. :P

        1. this. im in sales, and if someone wants a powerful smartphone on sprint that is not a 4.7″ screen their only option is an iphone 5. the LG viper and galaxy victory just dont cut it. bring on a super phone spec’d 3.7-4.3″ android phone and fill the gap moto!. I mean the giant phone market is already ruled by HTV and Samsung.

  5. Lol… I’m gonna be broke! $649 for the GS4 Google Varient, and who knows how much for this X thing…hahaha, such a phone whore!

    Chris u getting the S4 man?

    1. This has to be Sean76.. lol.

      1. hahaha! I’m That easy to find huh

        1. @Acura4:disqus @google-7329f2dee1af740ee56be265326d4474:disqus

          Hey, get a room you two. O_o

          1. We got room in the bed for one more ;)

          2. Chris it’s an Android Forums thing…lol

            Anyway the XFon…What’s your take Chris! This thing, or the S4 running pure holy grail in all its glory Stock Android baby!!!

    2. I’m getting the Google Edition S4, yes :)

      Already sold my Nexus 4 to help recoup some of the cost, and I got a handful of other devices to pawn off before June 29th :p

      1. Yea I hocked my n4 right before I picked up the HTC ONE which I ended up returning anyway because I just honestly really missed Stock BugBot.

        I’m all good though, my iphone 5 will most definitely fetch me at least $500 and that coin will go towards the S4! Then the waiting game will begin for XFone details and nexus 5 rumors…Ohh the Vicious Cycle…lol

        1. Isn’t the XFone supposed to be priced similarly to the Nexus 4?

      2. What do you think I could get for my Samsung Moment? (I keed! I keed! The Moment is in a shoe box somewhere in a closet!)

    3. If the S4 Google was compatible with VzW, I’d likely buy it. AT&T and Sprint just aren’t viable options

  6. so you’re telling me every leak of a motorola handset is the X Phone?

    1. No, just the ones with almost identical model numbers.

  7. always admire moto android phones hope this crushes iphone7

    1. Seeing as how the iPhone 5 is the current generation, and this will likely be out in the next few months, I doubt this will crush the iPhone 7… at least not for 3 years when Apple releases the 7.

  8. Sprint needs to quit worrying about new phones & get LTE to more cities. It is in last place & I know I’m not the only one tired of paying their premium network charge for dial up speeds.

    1. The two are not mutually exclusive.

      And by the way, LTE is getting pretty good in Dallas. FYI

  9. All I can say is this rumored Moogle phone better thrill the socks off of those of us waiting patiently for it. Otherwise, I’ll be electing to grab one of the S4 variants.

  10. tinyurl.com/cnaff79

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