AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign gets big with Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile joining the cause


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AT&T has been fully committed to helping folks keep the road safe by preaching the importance of not texting (or using your phone in most other capacities, really) while driving. It has done this through reporting findings of researches and studies proving how unsafe texting and driving can be, promoting the use of hands-free accessories to make calls while driving (if only absolutely necessary), and sharing the story of those who have taken the It Can Wait pledge for one reason or another.

Well, it’s much bigger than AT&T now — the rest of America’s three biggest carriers have joined up with Ma Bell to drive the point home. That’s right, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint are all teaming up with more than 200 other organizations worldwide to advertise the importance of keeping your eyes on the road.

The partnership will include a multi-million dollar ad campaign that will span the summer months, with special emphasis being put on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends (otherwise known as some of the deadliest days on the road).

The four will also travel the country in an advertising tour to get the texting-while-driving simulator in stores, an experience that gives consumers a safe way to see how difficult it is to drive while texting, and what dangers that imposes on both yourself and others. Major retailers like Best Buy and RadioShack will prominently display the message in their stores. Clear Channel Media will send the message out over the radio through over 500 different stations.

There’s a lot more than that being put into this thing. You know it’s serious when the carriers work together toward a common goal, so head to the It Can Wait website, listen to the stories, see the statistics, and pledge to the cause. You can find the full details of the entire campaign by reading through the press release at AT&T’s site.

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  1. Anyone who texts and drives should be sent to a work camp…

  2. At first when I read the title, I thought they were talking about updates for Android.

  3. Let me guess, either these 4 cell carriers are receiving a massive amount of taxpayer money or a HUGE tax break which the general public will end up flipping the bill for, to put on this campaign. There is absolutely no way on the face of this earth that these 4 carriers will spend their own money/profits on this campaign, but I hope I am wrong.

    1. No, and no. It is a positive PR movement.AT&T gets some tax break for it now but nothing on the HUGE side. It is mostly that they are trying to go from one of the worst companies in the nation to something on the opposite end. Any company would pay money for that. As far as the others, you wouldn’t want to be the only one NOT trying to save lives. Logic my friend.

    2. Think of it this way, they can’t rip off customers who get killed because they were texting and driving (or by someone who was doing so). I’m sure that’s something they can all agree on.

  4. I have seen the “No Text-on board” AT&T stickers on cars but the driver was still texting as they drove, sad a sticker didn’t stop them and they promised they wouldn’t?

    1. They should warn other drivers. I have a decal that says “Textually Active”. LoL!!

  5. Maybe texting could be tied to the accelerometer/GPS, so that if a phone senses motion above 5mph it would disable anything used to text with on the phone or calls unless it is BTed or docked.

    1. Terrible Idea.
      So passengers in the car or on a bus or train can’t txt…

      1. Sacrifice is terrible thing isn’t it, but eventually that train rider or passenger would be a driver. We all have to give up something so the stupid people wont hurt others.
        Couldn’t a passenger dock or BT too?

        1. Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
          -Benjamin Franklin

        2. I couldn’t disagree more.

          You don’t punish everyone for the actions of a few.

    2. Main problem with that is if you’re a passenger.

      1. We all have to sacrifice something to save lives, wouldn’t bother me any.
        Passengers can use BT and docks right?

        1. If we sacrifice ourselves we can save animal lives!

  6. I think we have bigger problems than cell phone use while driving.

    “It is estimated that 93 percent of auto accidents are caused by driver distraction. Of this 93 percent:

    81 percent of accidents involve talking with passengers

    66 percent involve adjusting the car radio, CD player, or other media device

    50 percent involve eating or drinking

    25 percent involve cell phone use or “texting””

    1. That’s a lot of percentage there.

    2. you realize you have 222% there don’t ya?

      1. Multi-tasking….

    3. Those percentages don’t quite add up… but I once actually got a light tap (luckily it was during rush hour) from some idiot driver who had to turn their head to face the passenger they were talking to.

      And since you’re over 100% anyway, you should add in those who are putting on make-up.

  7. sprint has been a long time supporter of this cause for a while now, they have had their own campaigns many times in the past, it is nice to seem them crossing the bridge and joining up with the enemy to support THEIR campaign as well though

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