May 13th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Scroll

It’s not often we see a phone’s release date pushed forward, especially when that phone is under the control of Verizon. That’s exactly what just happened for the carrier’s Samsung Galaxy S4, though, as a Verizon rep has announced that the phone would be launching in Verizon stores nationwide May 23rd, a full week ahead of its previous May 30th launch date.

This news is sure to please many who felt left out of the fun, as most other carriers have long had their versions available. Heck, AT&T even had enough of a head start to launch its 32GB version already. There’s no need to look on in envy anymore, however.

And, believe it or not, this news affects every Galaxy S4 owner on every other carrier. The bootloader unlock method discovered by Dan Rosenberg is being held until Verizon’s version launches, so the development community won’t have to wait two and a half more weeks for that to make its way to the forefront. There’s still another week and a half to go, but that should be much more bearable of a wait.

Pre-sales are still being accepted over at Verizon’s site so make sure your bank accounts are in order and purchase one if our Samsung Galaxy S4 review convinced you to buy one.

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