Apr 24th, 2013

While other carriers — namely Sprint and T-Mobile — are having to face the music of announcing delays of their Samsung Galaxy S4, Verizon is resting easy knowing they have yet to provide a release date. With that, the carrier is taking this opportunity to let everyone know that they’ll be able to pre-order their version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 starting tomorrow. Best Buy has already been accepting pre-orders, but we know some folks like to get their devices from the source.

We wouldn’t be surprised if many of you are looking to take Verizon up on its offer after reading our Samsung Galaxy S4 review. It’s certainly sounding like one of 2013’s finest phones, and the $250 (before $50 mail-in rebate) it will cost you to walk away with one would be as sensible as any phone purchase you’ve made in the past.

Verizon still isn’t interested in setting an exact date just yet, but the latest rumors say May 30th is a popular mark on the calendar around the offices of Big Red. The carrier won’t confirm anything until it’s ready, of course, but our calendars remain fixated on that day.

[Update]: A public relations representative for Verizon Wireless has confirmed, via Twitter, that the device will, in fact, launch May 30th. This isn’t a formal statement or announcement by Verizon, but we can’t get any more solid confirmation than this for the time being.

[via Twitter]

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