Sony Xperia ZR lets you dive underwater to take photos [VIDEO]


Sony has just announced a new smartphone for those who like to capture underwater memories every now and then. It’s the Sony Xperia ZR, and its claim to fame will come from its ability to take photos while submerged in up to 5 feet of water (for up to 30 minutes) thanks to its IP55 and IP58 compliant build. That won’t be useful for you deep sea divers, but you can get by with it at a day at the pool if you don’t have a better underwater camera to take long with you.

Of course, there’s a lot more to a smartphone than its durability in water. The Sony Xperia ZR features a 4.6 inch HD Reality display, a 13 megapixel Exmor RS sensor that can do HDR in both still images and video, Qualcomm’s quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM, NFC, and 4G LTE connectivity. The device will be available starting in Q2 in various markets around the globe, though pricing details and exact shipping dates will vary region-to-region. Grab a look above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “The device will be available in Q2…”

    Um, yeah… Q2 of what year, Sony?


  2. I really think they need to work on their naming scheme. Just very confusing between all the L’s and X’s etc. Think Nexus 4, Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc

    1. HTC One? Or do you mean the HTC One X? or One X+, or One S? or One SV?
      When with the HTC One 2 be available? or is this the One 2?


      1. forgetting the One V in that list xD

      2. or the galaxy this, the galaxy that, galaxy this 2 and the galaxy that 3 now with more features.

  3. Why don’t they make all phones waterproof like this?

  4. Why no Snapdragon 800?!

  5. Zed R? Will this only be for UK and Aussie release?

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