May 13th, 2013

nexus 4 white

Ever since the Nexus 4 launched in November we’ve wondered whether or not Google would ever introduce a white color option. Rumors suggested one was in the works, with leaks from retailers and carriers tipping us off to its existence. Six months later and we still haven’t the slightest idea of where it is, but it is still floating around and has reared its beautiful head again.

Google+ user Ervin Sue bravely posted pictures of the pearly-white Nexus 4 online, and we were given a bit of context. The user used the hashtags #io13 and #io, suggesting Google might be bringing this thing to San Francisco with them. From what we can tell from the images, only the rear and sides of the device will be white — the front will still sport a black bezel. A couple of different possibilities exist.

The first is that this could be a special edition of the Nexus 4 that Google might give away to I/O attendees. If you haven’t realized it by now, Google has not yet had an opportunity to give the latest Nexus phone away. It wouldn’t be the first time I/O attendees got a special edition device in white — those who attended I/O in 2011 got the Samsung Galaxy Tab in white with limited edition Bugdroid print on the back.

Google could also be announcing the product for general availability, which wouldn’t rule out the aforementioned possibility. Regardless, it’s possible we’ll see the white Nexus 4 in one way or another very soon, and it could happen as early as this Wednesday. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE]: Maybe not. We’ve been duped. The user confessed this was an ordinary Nexus 4 with a very believable custom back-plate replacement installed. That doesn’t mean we absolutely won’t see a white Nexus 4 at some point — we know it exists — but this particular device isn’t (and neither is the suggestion that we’ll see it at I/O any more real).

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