[UPDATE] White Nexus 4 breaks cover again — will we see it at Google I/O?


nexus 4 white

Ever since the Nexus 4 launched in November we’ve wondered whether or not Google would ever introduce a white color option. Rumors suggested one was in the works, with leaks from retailers and carriers tipping us off to its existence. Six months later and we still haven’t the slightest idea of where it is, but it is still floating around and has reared its beautiful head again.

Google+ user Ervin Sue bravely posted pictures of the pearly-white Nexus 4 online, and we were given a bit of context. The user used the hashtags #io13 and #io, suggesting Google might be bringing this thing to San Francisco with them. From what we can tell from the images, only the rear and sides of the device will be white — the front will still sport a black bezel. A couple of different possibilities exist.

The first is that this could be a special edition of the Nexus 4 that Google might give away to I/O attendees. If you haven’t realized it by now, Google has not yet had an opportunity to give the latest Nexus phone away. It wouldn’t be the first time I/O attendees got a special edition device in white — those who attended I/O in 2011 got the Samsung Galaxy Tab in white with limited edition Bugdroid print on the back.

Google could also be announcing the product for general availability, which wouldn’t rule out the aforementioned possibility. Regardless, it’s possible we’ll see the white Nexus 4 in one way or another very soon, and it could happen as early as this Wednesday. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE]: Maybe not. We’ve been duped. The user confessed this was an ordinary Nexus 4 with a very believable custom back-plate replacement installed. That doesn’t mean we absolutely won’t see a white Nexus 4 at some point — we know it exists — but this particular device isn’t (and neither is the suggestion that we’ll see it at I/O any more real).

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  1. I really hope we’ll see a whole new device. Else I’m going to buy SGS4.

    1. its only 5mo old? a whole new device? seriously?

      1. Try 7 months. Announced October, released November. All the devices they have sold it’s too late in the cycle for everyone to re buy for a color option.
        I have moved on from the N4 last month.

        1. released 11/13, today makes 6mo, till too early for a “whole new device” and if its a white 32gb one, ill buy it for one. Still a top 3 android device even @ 6mo old.

          1. Not top three. Galaxy S4, Note 2, and HTC One are better than the Nexus 4. Great device though, but definitely not top 3.

          2. how can a device that runs the latest and greatest software and has the most dev support not be one of the best devices? sorry bro ion see it.

          3. Greatest is very subjective. I could be the Joe that thinks Touchwiz is better because of Multi Window and the Camera features, but I don’t. Many people tell me their Nexus 4 updates are very buggy for a phone each time by. So what if it has the the most dev support? That doesn’t change the facts that an Exynos Processor > Snapdragon S4 Pro. It doesn’t also change the fact the OLED > Super LCD or some LCD screen. The S4 is the highest quality device in terms of a sheer hardware and we know it is not just software that can make a phone. You gotta have the parts there to make that software work. If I can put pure Google on phones with better hardware, it makes those phones better since your mild advantage becomes nothing.

          4. dev supports biggest advantage to nexus devices. everyone complains of buggy software from sense to aosp to touchwiz to blur. that why dev support thrives in android. the 3rd skins are just tweaks on the android foundation. that’s why as the android framework progresses it opens doors for other programmers. you think multi window can work on froyo based software? its samsung code but its just based off the advantages and limitations of android.

            hardware upgrades (screen type especially), radio features chipset type are cosmetic cuz they run the same universal code of Android. the s4 is known to be kinda laggy. but its got the most powerful hardware. and it runs better on aosp.

            and oled is better than lcd technology? thaz debatable.

          5. Most of the masses don’t root their phones though. Sure dev support is an important asset, but I think the most important thing I am interested in the Nexus program is/was value of the product at the price. I had the Nexus 7 and the value was tremendous until the glitches and Google’s support had a major error. Normally, people just look to the manufacturers to fix software errors, which they tend to do, but not at a breakneck pace. Everything comes from Google, yes that’s also true, and they do modify it. A lot of bloating does come from S-Apps or something like that, but you cannot argue that something is a top 3 phone just because of intangible theories. You are going off on how great the Nexus program is, but you still ignore that hardware is the most important thing and they aren’t just for cosmetics. People are concerned with how fast the device is, how long the battery lasts, etc. Not just the way phones look. Just agree to disagree since top phones are subjective because people can consider the iPhone a top 3 phone. I don’t because it is just the same thing with minor upgrades from the 4S to the 5. My top phones are the S4, One, and Note 2 in no particular order.

          6. Agreed. But id go with nexus 4, s4, one. Not feeling the almighty note series. The size to me is its downfall. Nexus 4 to me gets the nod Cuz its gonna outlast the others. You can keep a nexus 4 for 2 years and though hw wise you maybe behind the curve but software wise youll remain ahead. 4.3 to key lime pie to 5.0 all im sayin. Cuz when sammy has to move more phones in 2014 and opts you to buy the s5/n4 instead of upgrading the s4/n3, it matters bro.

          7. Yeah, I can understand the Note’s size as an issue for people. My dad has it with a bulky Otterbox. I have an Otterbox for my S3, but I am not using it as of now. I got it for $5, so not a huge loss if I don’t use it lately. I am getting a Nexus 4 LTE though since I am on T-Mobile’s S3, which doesn’t have LTE. I am keeping the S3 as a backup, but the Nexus seems like the best overall value phone despite not being the best of the best for everything. I just want those updates when I get the Nexus 5 if the fall because I want a device supported for a couple of yrs like you said, but I was talking objectively myself not taking sides to Samsung. Sammy is not that bad for updates though. I got 4.1.2 today and it is good. The worst for updates for a manufacturer I had was LG. LG’s Gingerbread on my G2X was awful, a pure nightmare. I rooted it for 4.0 w/ Cyanogen mod 7-10 actually. Software updates is not in the mind of the avg consumer though. Rooting is a blessing since you can toss away a bug ridden stock rom for something more unique.

      2. It’s more than 5 months old. And it wasn’t a big upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus, so I still hope for a new device..

        1. no phones nowadays are really big upgrades cuz the phone tech has hit a plateau. s4 really a big upgrade from s3? iPhone 5 a huge upgrade over 4s? nah…so the upgrade argument is kinda flaky.

  2. Kinda late now..

    1. right? :p

  3. I thought i read an article last week that said retailers were getting rid of the N4 and not ordering anymore to restock?

    1. I heard that a couple of months ago, so don’t hope they’ll release a white one.

    2. nah i thought it disappeared from the play store and it was rumored they stopped production but now its back.

  4. 32gb cdma LTE?! do want!

  5. Im just hoping the back covers pop up on ebay so I can slap one on my current Nexus 4.

    1. You willing to pop off the back cover since its not removable

      1. O_o It is removable. 2 screws in the bottom. Easy.

  6. Only if it is LTE enabled

  7. Worst nexus device ever!

    1. how?

      1. When people say this it’s always the same answer. No lte, no expandable storage, low memory, glass-ish back. It’s getting old. It’s a Nexus device, people should know what they are getting into when they buy it lol cause Google gives you the specs. I love my N4 and I loved my GNex! Memory isn’t an issue for me nor is not having LTE. I want updates and the latest ROMs! Paranoid Android ftw!

        1. No LTE isn’t a major factor for me either. HSPA+ works just fine for me. i have about 1000+ song and still have 10 gb of space left(even after the -4 of storage for the os)

        2. Yeah… I don’t understand the huge tantrum people throw when you don’t get LTE. I wouldn’t even use it if I had it. PA is the best thing that ever happened to android development.

  8. Where can we get the replacement back then?

  9. A white cover for the nexus 4? if this is the extent of what google is showing about there devices I will be pe’od . I want a fresh phone, nexus 4 is now old and crusty

    1. 6mo old is crusty? the new wave of droids (s4/one) have made y’all memories short. a fresh phone is needed already? just go get one of the new joints.

    2. Google has already said to not expect anything major about devices at I/O, this year’s I/O is focusing mostly on development.

  10. When I first read the headline, I thought it was referring to Chris Chavez buying a new back cover (white this time) for his Nexus 4 and breaking it again…

  11. Well I just ordered the ‘old’ Nexus 4.
    LTE isnt an issue seeing as its hardly available in here. Hell 3g has been around 10 years & still isnt everywhere yet.
    Hopefully I’ll get on with the 16GB & no sd card slot (I’m used to a 64GB card) but I have unlimited data which is quick enough for TV, & now Google music is available here, combined with my 25GB dropbox, I’ll just have to manage my files carefully.
    & if they announce & can supply so much better tomorrow for a sensible price, then I can cancel for no reason under UK law & they have to honour it

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