May 9th, 2013

Blitz Brigade Android banner

You can never have too many first-person-shooters and for those of you that prefer to take your gaming on the road, you might wanna take a look at Gameloft’s latest title, Blitz Brigade. The game pays homage to the online multiplayer FPS Team Fortress 2 featuring cartoony styled visuals, a stark contrast to grittier titles like Shadowgun or Dead Trigger.

Blitz Brigade Android Google Play

Choose a team — either Axis or Allies — and one of 5 classes: Solider, Gunner, Medic, Sniper or Stealth. From there, you can select 2 different gameplay modes, either deathmatch (kill everyone) or Domination where your team will have to control the battlefield for the longest amount of time. Up to 12 players can shoot it out online but if single player is more your speed, there’s also 120 training missions to embark on. With over 100 weapons and 3 different vehicles to man in combat, we’re sure there wont ever be a dull moment.

I’ve just downloaded Blitz Brigade onto my HTC One and will report back in the comments with the results. Let me know how you guys like it as well. You can download Blitz Brigade for Android via the Google Play Store link below.

[Download Blitz Brigade on Google Play]