Grandview, MO confirmed to be getting Google Fiber


google fiber grandview

Google has announced the next city that will be able to partake in its exciting new fiber rollout. Those living in Grandview, Missouri will join their neighbors in Kansas City, though Google had no pointed dates to give. The rollout will take a good deal of planning and engineering before the service can go live, but with an established network in Kansas City it doesn’t sound like it will take quite as long as it would to roll out in other cities.

Fiber isn’t the easiest type of network to get off the ground so this moderately paced rollout is a bit easier to accept. The rest of us are jealously looking on, so go ahead and rejoice, Grandview inhabitants — you will soon be basking in the glory of full gigabit speeds (and possibly for no monthly fee for up to seven years if pricing in Kansas City is anything to go by).

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Google just moved to pgh, just over 2yrs ago, their new spot is getting more space as I speak. Hopefully, since they work here now, they might think to let us have this in our town. Maybe they can piggyback off of verizon, that already has fiber optics.

    1. I don’t think there’s enough money in the world for Verizon to lease out its existing fiber infrastructure to Google. It will be very interesting when Google Fiber becomes available in an area that already has FiOS. Verizon needs some competition.

  2. Please come to where I live too!! I would love the speed!!

  3. Really wish they would have considered St. Louis for their next expansion. St. Louis was the headquarters of Charter for many years and we were always among the first to get speed boosts for their network. Now that they decided to ditch us I’m sure that the city would have bent over backwards to get another provider.

    1. I live in STL also and I keep hoping Google sets up fiber just a little east in our hometown :)

      1. Google may like KC because they have many major ISPs in the metro. TWC, ATT, Charter, Comcast, Centurylink, Surewest and others. Google wants to push them to bump speeds with no caps.

    2. city of st. louis was the last area to get cabled. only choice we had ’til 2004 or so was dial up.

      then southwestern bell gave us crappy DSL that never stayed in sync.

      we finally got cable in 2005 or so.

      west county and south county got it long before we got it in the gate.

      1. Sorry. I’m one of those burb douches who says they live in St. Louis when I’m actually 25 miles west of downtown :)

  4. where the hell is new York..

    1. It’s on the east coast. In New York state.

  5. Why are these all little towns, and why is it only seemingly a couple towns a year? Hit major cities like Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, San Francisco. And roll out like a real ISP, in many places in a timely fashion.

    1. It’s not little towns. All these seemingly small towns to you are suburbs of Kansas City, which is a city of over 2 million. Not the biggest city by any means but surely not small. If they did decide to do Seattle they’d likely expand beyond Seattle proper and then people like you would still complain about such little towns nobody has heard of. Learn geography, or at least look at a map, before you complain. It’s much easier for them to expand in the same metro area than to jump half way across the country with each announcement.

  6. No west coast love :(

  7. @james ortiz and halgaiden. where’s the west coast love?… where the hell is new york? these places get almost EVERYTHING first. Sooooo i don’t wanna hear any crying over this service not arriving in these places first. i am happy that google went with smaller areas for testing. maybe indianapolis will get some of that love.

  8. Why all these small towns? Why the $300 hookup for seven years of free slow speed internet? Why not me? 1) Small towns are used to running themselves rather than running for office? If they want something they go get it. They don’t need the governor’s permission. 2) Google doesn’t do things inefficiently. This is the first and maybe the last pass through the fiberhood; if grannie wants to rent a room to a student she better only be only a modem away from Gbits/sec. In the mean time her kids can still Skype with her. 3) Why not me, indeed. Because you have not joined a civic organization and are not actively working over your town council to fix the curbside easements.

  9. Lee’s Summit should be next!

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