May 8th, 2013

google fiber grandview

Google has announced the next city that will be able to partake in its exciting new fiber rollout. Those living in Grandview, Missouri will join their neighbors in Kansas City, though Google had no pointed dates to give. The rollout will take a good deal of planning and engineering before the service can go live, but with an established network in Kansas City it doesn’t sound like it will take quite as long as it would to roll out in other cities.

Fiber isn’t the easiest type of network to get off the ground so this moderately paced rollout is a bit easier to accept. The rest of us are jealously looking on, so go ahead and rejoice, Grandview inhabitants — you will soon be basking in the glory of full gigabit speeds (and possibly for no monthly fee for up to seven years if pricing in Kansas City is anything to go by).

[via Google]

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