Francis (Boogie2988) and Major Nelson help announce Plants vs Zombies 2 [VIDEO]


Plants vs Zombies was always one of those games that never really lost its luster. For fans of the defense genre it’s one of the holy grails of gaming, and it still maintains a pretty decent download rate in the Play Store to this very day. In fact, we’d wager to guess it’d be in the millions range if it didn’t have a price tag stuck to it (it’s only $.99, folks).

If you’re a PvZ addict you’ll be happy to know that a sequel is on the way. Popcap Games has announced that Plants vs Zombies 2 would be making its way to handsets and tablets everywhere this July. They did so in quite the epic fashion, getting internet personality Boogie2988 to play his famous Francis character for the announcement video. The trailer also includes Xbox Live rockstar Major Nelson, as well as a host of other people (who we’re sorry to say we don’t know).

Even if you’re not a fan of the game, seeing Francis rage over not yet having a Plants vs Zombies sequel is worth the minute this video takes to watch. Hit the play button and get ready for the game’s impending release.

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  1. I wish they showed some gameplay:( now I need a sequel to samurai 2: vengeance and then my life will be complete… for a month and then ill beg for a pvz 3 lol

  2. “It’s About Time” is the perfect subtitle.

  3. Can’t wait to play it!!


  5. They better keep it updated.


  7. Um, did they even watch the trailer before they posted it? This hardly counts as a “teaser trailer”…

    ..and who exactly is demanding a sequel to a game that has no story line, nor any reason to continue it? Oh that’s right, EA bought PopCap. No reason for a sequel hasn’t stopped them before, so why should Plants vs. Zombies be any different?

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