May 2nd, 2013


Ingress invites are some of the hardest invites to come by lately. The addictive geo-location game has proven to be addictive to those who have had the fortunate chance to play, and it only makes the wait even harder for those who have been shunned. Well, if you know a friend with Ingress who has leveled up to at least level 2, it’s time to ask them for an invite.

The Ingress account on Google+ announced that all of those members would be able to invite additional people to help their faction out. It might be worth knowing which faction your friend prefers — they’d probably be more willing to let you in on the fun if you’re joining their cause (though you could just as easily lie and use the invite to join the opposing faction when it’s all said and done).

Whatever you do to convince them, do not — and I repeat, do not — do anything to make them angry if they live in your immediate area. Depending on how much clout they have in the world of Ingress they might make your life of hunting down and capturing energy points a living hell. Once you get your invite you can head over to the Google Play Store for the download. (PS: you’ll get extra special brownie points from me if you decide to join the enlightened.)

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