May 2nd, 2013

HTC One Poetic Borderline case wm 4

If you were looking to buy your HTC One this weekend you just got very lucky. HTC has announced that it’s extending its trade-in offer through this weekend. From May 2nd through May 5th, you can buy the HTC One and trade in your old smartphones for at least $100, though depending on which smartphone you have that number could go up to as much as $375. That’s not a bad deal if you didn’t have anything else to do with your phone.

To be eligible, you’ll have to buy your new HTC One between May 2nd and May 5th, and keep the receipt — that’s going to be proof you actually bought it within that time frame. From there, head to HTC’s trade-in site, fill out all the information about the device you’re trading in, and use the promo code HTC100.

Finally, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label to send your old phone and a copy of the aforementioned receipt to HTC. Stir it up a little, do a little dance, and wait — a pre-paid Visa gift card will magically show up in your mailbox sometime later.

Remember, your device has to be postmarked by 6/15/2013 or you risk losing out on the chance to take advantage, so don’t delay once you’ve gotten your HTC One in hand and you no longer have any use for your old smartphone. Be sure to visit HTC’s site to find out how to switch all your contacts, media and files over to the HTC One.

[via HTC]

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