HTC One trade-in program extended through the weekend, nets up to $375


HTC One Poetic Borderline case wm 4

If you were looking to buy your HTC One this weekend you just got very lucky. HTC has announced that it’s extending its trade-in offer through this weekend. From May 2nd through May 5th, you can buy the HTC One and trade in your old smartphones for at least $100, though depending on which smartphone you have that number could go up to as much as $375. That’s not a bad deal if you didn’t have anything else to do with your phone.

To be eligible, you’ll have to buy your new HTC One between May 2nd and May 5th, and keep the receipt — that’s going to be proof you actually bought it within that time frame. From there, head to HTC’s trade-in site, fill out all the information about the device you’re trading in, and use the promo code HTC100.

Finally, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label to send your old phone and a copy of the aforementioned receipt to HTC. Stir it up a little, do a little dance, and wait — a pre-paid Visa gift card will magically show up in your mailbox sometime later.

Remember, your device has to be postmarked by 6/15/2013 or you risk losing out on the chance to take advantage, so don’t delay once you’ve gotten your HTC One in hand and you no longer have any use for your old smartphone. Be sure to visit HTC’s site to find out how to switch all your contacts, media and files over to the HTC One.

[via HTC]

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  1. Who does this? ? $120 for a tmobile galaxy note! !

    1. Yeah, but imagine how we who have outdated phones (from my old Palm Pixi+ to my middling Moto Atrix2) feel! I’m going to get $100 from ATT for one, and $100 from HTC for the other!

      1. Yeah, I’ve got a few old phones laying around. I’m thinking of getting the One just because of this deal.

        1. @Keith Thomas, you`ll never be disappointed, it`s nice phone.

    2. 185 for a Note 2, I wonder what their huge amount phones are.

      1. some bs.. fu htc

      2. Anything that starts with i is my guess. My ancient Orbit is valued at $100, same as my Sensation.

      3. $330 for an iPhone 5, which actually isn’t all that bad. You could sell it on eBay for $450, but pay $30 to ship it, plus another $40 between eBay and Paypal’s fees. PLUS you’d have to wait a week to sell it and 2 weeks+ to actually get the money and have it transfered from Paypal to your bank account.

      4. Hilarious for their previous flagship: Perfect OneX or OneX LTE: $100 = Same as the old Status facebook phone.

        Perfect Galaxy S III GT-I9300 32 GB even: $210

        1. I am wondering how much HTC would give for my HTC One? If, I send it to them!!!!!!

      5. 200 for a 16GB Galaxy S3

  2. $125 for a Nexus 4? Wow, that’s just hilarious!

  3. I would get $18 for a Galaxy Nexus with a cracked screen. Not worth it.

    1. I’ll give you $19 :-)

  4. $200 for metropcs s3 lol

  5. $100.00 for HTC Evo 3D. Not bad. IMHO

  6. Looks like Im the winner so far at $210 for a Sammy S3 32GB on Tmo

    1. I got quoted $200 for my 16GB S3 on Tmo =)

      1. Ironic mine is worth more than the Note 2!

        Ill trade anyone straight up. My S3 for your Note 2!

  7. $184 for Razr Maxx HD, I bet the Galaxy S4 is the only one that will net you $375

  8. The dates in this article don’t agree with the email I received from HTC. The email states 5/19 as the latest purchase date and 6/19 as the mail-in deadline.

  9. Haha. What a joke. Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S1 – 3,4 years ago) = HTC One XL (last year HTC Flahship) = $100.

  10. Had a play around with one of these today at the HTC stand in the mall. Have to say I was suitably impressed. It’s light, solid, very responsive and physically smaller than I expected despite the pretty large screen. I think blink feed might get me down, and I don’t like the idea of having to carry a tool to eject the sim card, but the external battery for $60 might solve my non-removable battery issues.

    1. How often would you really need to eject your sim card ? Im sure only when youre trading up, im sure most stores would have the tool anyways.

      1. International travel. People will often get local prepaid SIM cards since they’re cheaper than international roaming.

        1. ah, ok, but then again how often does one travel internationally. lol

          1. I’m guessing iwave does. ;)

            I’ve worked at a couple companies that had sales people regularly travelling internationally. A friend whose daughter moved to the UK goes a couple times a year… Canadian cabin trips, EU residents who do delivery routes…

          2. Indeed I do. I won’t upset you all by telling you how much cheaper my UK sim card is than my T-Mobile one…. Remembering to bring the tool or a pin, and then fiddling around with it while the aircraft is taxiing is an unnecessary pita. The ideal solution would be the Chinese model with dual sims, an SD card slot, and AWS!

        2. if the mechanics are anything like the iphones, just bring with you a paperclip, problem solved.

  11. Love the fact that my wife’s 2 year old piece of crap HTC Aria is worth the same as my not even a year old GSM Galaxy Nexus.

  12. Man, they are offering some cap prices it seems. I sold a Motorola droid on Ebay for 80 bucks, lol

  13. Perfect condition HTC ONE S is only worth $109 ??? Are they kidding ? and an iPhone is worth $300 ???? Talk about overvaluing Crap because of a name. HTC should be giving top dollar for phones from their own company, especially phones less than a year old.

    1. I guess that means my Sensation would be $100…

      1. Yep

  14. For the people complaining, you don’t have to do it. It’s based on the re-sell market. If they can’t sell your phone and make a profit, or at the very least break even, they aren’t going to do it. If you can make more on Ebay or Craigslist, then do it.

  15. I’m getting $100 for my HTC Tilt :)

  16. Talk about bad ass, I get $100 for my old HTC Touch Pro 2! I’m using the Evo 3D right now and was worried about trading that in as if I wanted to return the HTC One within 30 days I would only have my TP2 to fall back on. It never occurred to me to trade in my TP2.

    I was leaning towards the GS4, but now that I can get $100 for my TP2 and still keep my Evo 3D I’m really considering the HTC One. Worst case scenario I can return it in 30 days if I don’t like it and I’ll still have my Evo to use.

    EDIT: The HTC One has to be active for 60 days to get the $100, so returning it wouldn’t work. Also the device you are trading in has to be “active” at the time you buy the HTC One. So if you are considering something similar, you’ll need to activate the old phone you want to trade in before buying the One.

    1. Plus, you need the old receipt for your old phone. HTC wants to be sure you didnt steal that old phone you are trading in.

      They wont give the old phone back if you dont have receipt. What is worse, even if you return your newly purchased HTC One, they wont give you back the old phone and the $100 minimum. Strike out twice.

      1. That part is a little confusing. Reading the terms and conditions it does mention a proof of purchase in order to be eligible, but it doesn’t mention which device this is for (the HTC One, or the device you are trading in). I always assumed this was the proof of purchase for the HTC One since you have to buy the HTC One within the promo period in order to qualify. So that might be a good question for clarification as to whether they ALSO require proof of purchase for the used device you are trading in.

        You are right though once you send your phone in, it’s gone. You won’t get it back. If you don’t qualify, they keep your phone and you get jack squat. So better find ensure you understand terms and conditions and that you qualify before sending in.

  17. What case is that on the phone in the picture?

  18. $100 for a very old nokia n79 is not bad at all

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