Official CyanogenMod up and running on the T-Mobile Galaxy S4, “nearly everything working”


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Despite rumors to the contrary, the CyanogenMod team is, in fact, working on bringing their highly customized AOSP ROM to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Don’t believe me? They already have it up and running on the T-Mobile version of the device, and after 1 day, Steve Kondik says they have “nearly everything working.” Sounds like progress to me.

CyanogenMod Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

It was earlier today we learned that a bootloader unlock method for the T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint (Sprint version actually ships unlocked) versions of the device had been discovered, but the developer of the exploit was waiting until the Verizon version had launched to ensure it wasn’t patched before release. I think it goes without saying that if you were looking towards purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S4 but were fearful about development on the device — don’t be.

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Galaxy S4 bootloader unlock method being held until Verizon version is out

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  1. I think it goes without saying that if you were looking towards purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S4 but were fearful about development on devices in the future — don’t buy one. By purchasing bootloader locked devices you are voting with your wallet for less unlocked devices in the market place.

    1. Ideally yea, but many people don’t have this luxury. The major Android smartphones are all locked, and the only one that isn’t (Nexus) is too fragile a device that only supports half the US carriers and no LTE.

      1. You can buy an unlocked S4 from Samsung. Everyone has this luxury, they just want to “save” (less up front, more overtime) on a carrier branded handset. You can even get a dev device for VZW.

      2. Fragile doesn’t even begin to describe the Nexus4. I loved that phone to death but after just one fall from waist height it looks like it was thrown into a wall.

        But the GS4 is lookin steller

  2. It’s also important to note the T-Mobile version of the S4 is running a non-Exynos SOC. This made getting CM 10.1 running on it very similar to other, already supported devices. The Exynos powered S4s are a totally different beast. While I’m certainly not saying they won’t be supported (nor am I saying or implying they will be – I certainly don’t speak for the CM team), I’m just stating that one can not take the availability of CM on the T-Mo S4 as support of any other variant, especially the Exynos variants of the device. It will happen when/if it happens.

    1. so sprint S4 has a unlocked bootloader out of the box?

      1. Yes.

  3. Its not bootloader locked on sprint

    1. Ah, thanks. Updated post.

      1. Also unlocked on the U.S. Cellular variant.

        1. Looks like USCC is awesome too.

          Those are the only two carriers I will consider now.

          1. Wait- you’re considering US Cellular? O_o

          2. Why wouldn’t you? US Cellular has excellent service in the areas they serve. They have LTE service in almost all the areas I care about with great speeds. Not to mention they have unlimited data plans.

          3. Yeah…they’re pretty freaking awesome. And they’ve got a solid relationship with Samsung. I have no complaints.

      2. it’s unlocked on T-Mobile too, mate. that’s why CM is up and running on it. unlocked bootloader means different kernel which means different boot.img.

  4. Steve Kondik said not to buy the S4 on AT&T.

    1. That was when news came out about the AT&T bootloader being locked, probably more of a jab at AT&T, sending a message that people don’t like that.

  5. Steve also posted “Definitely not supporting the S4.” in a later post.

    1. I think his post was meant as sarcasm and you missed it.

  6. Why would T-Mobile have Samsung lock the boot loader none of their other phones were locked.

    1. The marketing execs flip a coin these days.

    2. hard to market Knox for enterprise use if people are going to eliminate it…

    3. it’s not locked, don’t worry :)

  7. Leave it to Sprint to be awesome and request an unlocked bootloader!

    Stay classy Sprint

  8. tinyurl.com/cnaff79

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