ASUS CUBE found with limited Apple AirPlay support for iOS devices right out of the box



Our good friend Edgar Cervantes has really been going at it with his ASUS Cube. He brought us an awesome review not too long ago and recently discovered that, unbeknownst to many, the ASUS Cube actually features limited AirPlay support for iOS devices out-of-the-box. Apparently, this has more than a little something to do with ViMu Player, which the Cube uses as its media player.

Edgar was nice enough to demo AirPlay in a video using his iPad Mini and let me stop you right there — not all Android users are exclusive to Google’s mobile OS and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. While the Cube’s AirPlay does not support device mirroring or MacBooks, it is a nice “hidden” feature to find in an Android device, one that broadens the appeal to Android users who happen to also own iOS devices as well. Color me impressed. Video of the Cube’s hidden AirPlay support below.

[via GTVSource]

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  1. It seems interesting that when he hits the Airplay button on the iPad mini, it pops up with the “Asus Qube” not the “Asus Cube” At least, that’s what it looked like on the video, correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. 1:16 to roughly 1:25 it shows up as “Qube AirPlay (Movie)”. If I remember correctly, it was either codenamed or initially named Asus Qube, and I guess they just missed correcting the spelling in a few small segments of code when they renamed it Cube.

      1. Edit > Find & Replace > Qube with Cube.

    2. You are very right! I thought it was interesting too. They didn’t have time to go into it and change the name. haha

  2. I always thought Airplay support would have been great fit Google TV. Then they could market it like “Google TV does everything you’re Apple TV does and more.” Don’t know if they’d ever be able to enable full Airplay though.

  3. tfd

  4. I guess,, I am a slow learner. After so many years, I finally figured that Google is all about their services and that is obvious after so many failed and semi failed hardware attempts. :).

    I know this is an Asus device, but the core software is Google and I like ‘Google Everywhere’ logo, which doesn’t seem to materialize.

  5. Is ASUS Cube able to play a list of videos/pictures from a home network server, or do you just connect a portable hdd on the cube?

  6. >not all Android users are exclusive to Google’s mobile OS and there ain’t nothing wrong with that
    Obviously you have never been on

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