T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z passes through the FCC on its way to the Uncarrier


FCC Sony Xperia Z

We’ve been wondering exactly which US carrier was going to be first to snag the Sony Xperia Z. No, we’re not talking about the Sony Xperia ZL, its less attractive younger brother which doesn’t feature Z’s weatherproofing or all-glass body. We’ve got our sights locked dead on the uber sexy Sony Xperia Z and according to this recent FCC filing, looks to be headed, where else, but T-Mobile.

The FCC documentation revealed the Z sporting T-Mobile specific AWS LTE bands, and even pentaband HSPA+ (meaning this should also work on AT&T’s non-LTE 3G/4G network). The filing also revealed support T-Mobile’s WiFi calling as well.

Sony Xperia Z FCC teardown

It seems T-Mobile has all their bases covered in 2013, with their affordable UNcarrier plans and offering heavy hitting devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nexus 4 and now the Sony Xperia Z — all without contracts (sorta). If I was Verizon or any of the other “top 3,” I’d be shaking in my boots right now.

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. No need to start shaking until tmobile widens their data footprint…. Outside of major cities they are non existent

    1. More than 75% of the population lives in only 3% of the land in the US. T-Mobile should continue to focus on major cities, and start branching out from there. I’m sure that’s where they’re headed next.

      1. I know… And it’s a good business strategy, but it doesn’t help me get out from under big red!!!

        1. True that. Plus, traveling by car was an absolute nightmare for me on T-Mobile. Edge everywhere but in major cities :/

          1. It’s not too bad on I-80/90/94 in the Cleveland > Chicago > Minneapolis corridor. I think I only really had Edge in half of Indiana and a bit of Wisconsin last time I drove through. UMTS was fast enough to feed Pandora.

  2. And this is why I can’t wait for my at&t contract to run up and swap to T-Mobile! Not to mention the amount of money I’ll save, tempting to just pay ETF and be done with it.

    1. Probably worth it, my bill is $95/month for 2 lines with 1000 shared minutes, 2gb each, and unlimited texts. Hard to beat without moving to Europe, imo.

      1. Switching to T-Mobile’s “unlimited” family plan would cost only $80/mo, so, yeah, saves $$$, as long as you live in a major city with good coverage. I’m thinking about it.

  3. Come on At&t get your act together and pick up this phone. Really don’t want to have to go to T mobile..

  4. How strong is the glass on this??

    1. Chris can let us know after the obligatory shifter console drop test.

      1. It’s GOTTA be thicker/stronger than whatever the Nexus 4 is made of! :p

        1. Get over it. Have you ever considered that the Gorilla Glass may have been defective? I also noticed your break was right by the camera. Perhaps, that is a weak spot and you may have a point.

  5. Wonder when it will hit. Waiting around for T-Mobs in the area to get the One…this actually looks nice as well, and has the on-screen keys.

    Not too sure of Sony though… Haven’t heard much.

  6. The next Nexus needs to be based on this phone or at least made by Sony.

  7. Keep it up T-Mobile I can’t wait for lte In my shothole town but I expect it by my next upgrade

  8. Damn T-Mobile has completely stepped their game up this last year, best prices, and the best phones. They still need to improve reception inside buildings though.

  9. sony’s late to the game again. specs on this phone will be too old when it finally releases. more phones will be shipping with newer soc and this thing’s still using s4 pro.

  10. Should really have upgraded SOC to snapdragon 600 before launching in T-Mobile.

  11. Oh man. The bottom pic of the Xperia Z is painful to look at.They had to pry it open to take a look at its insides… that poor Xperia.


  13. Live in suburb of Boston where T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network is faster then Verizon, AT&T and Sprint’s LTE Network. I get over 20mb down and 5 up during the day and at night even faster. These are every day speeds not just a spiked speed every so often. Can’t remember when or if I dropped a call and I get real unlimited everything for 70 bucks a month. Real unlimited data at those speeds, just can not beat it. If you get T-Mobile and it is increasing it’s footprint very fast you are crazy not to at least give it a try. In the Boston area I have not seen Edge in over a year.
    PS For the 70 bucks they throw in free tethering, not sure how much of that data they allow but it’s great if you need it and you can always ad on. Unbeatable IMO.

    1. I agree with you!

  14. VERY unexpected! Now with Tmobile’s uncarrier plans you can buy the phone for 100-200 bucks down payment and then low payments for 2 years and their plans are already super cheap.
    for $70 they are the only ones that gives TRUE unlimited data bandwith in 3g/4g speed plus unlmited talk and text with a great free visual voicemail app.
    will be getting this day one PLEASE Hope they’ll have the white version!!!

    Any news of when it will be available?

  15. An excellent phone. I cant recommend it highly enough. Imagine a phone with the build quality of an iPhone, but with a 5 inch screen, Android and Samsung level power.

  16. Sony needs to finally blanket the North American market with their phones. The ZL? I spit on the ZL! Hehe… Give me the flagship device, not its little brother.

  17. Way to go T-Mo, finally getting the cream of the crop devices instead of sticking us with things like the Motorola Cliq and Huawei’s version of Mytouch. Time to ’86 the Mytouch!

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