Tell us how you’d change Game for Fame and win a $50 Google Play gift card! [GIVEAWAY]


Game for Fame is Phandroid’s weekly contest series where readers compete against staff in various Google Play games for a chance to win great prizes, including devices and Google Play gift cards! If you’re a developer and would like your game to be featured feel free to send us an email at press [at] phandroid [dot] com with the subject “Game for Fame Developer.”

Happy Hump Day! The usual Game for Fame contest is taking a break this week, folks, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get another chance to win a $50 Google Play gift card. Before we get started, we want to give a huge thank you and shoutout to NVIDIA for its part in sponsoring Game for Fame thus far! Don’t forget to follow NVIDIA on TwitterLike them on FacebookCircle them on Google+  and subscribe to them on YouTube for all the latest in Tegra gaming. We couldn’t do it without them!


Onto this week’s festivities: instead of you guys competing against our score in a random game, we actually want to take this week to gather your thoughts about the contest itself. This whole thing has been for you guys, so who better to suggest change than the ones who keep this thing going each and every week?

As such, this week’s contest for a chance to win a $50 Google Play gift card is simple: leave a comment telling us what you’d change about Game for Fame, and you’ll be entered. Simple right? We’ll still have to go through the rules and regulations, though, so let’s take care of that:

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment explaining what you’d want to see changed about Game for Fame. Whether it be the format, entry requirements, different genres of games, we want to hear it.


  • The winner must be 18+ years old and be a resident of the United States.
  • Contest entries will be accepted until Sunday, May 5th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • The winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Neverstill Media staff based on randomly drawing a winner’s name from among the valid entries
  • The winner will be contacted through the email address associated with their Disqus account. It’s important that you use a valid email address (we’re the only ones who can see it)
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. If multiple entries are submitted, Neverstill Media will choose one – at their sole discretion – for inclusion in the contest. If the multiple entries are excessive, entrant may be banned.
  • Neverstill Media reserves the right to disqualify anyone from this contest for any reason at their sole discretion.

It’s that simple! Let’s hear your thoughts and raise a glass to a better Game for Fame for the future! PS: We’ll be announcing the winner from last week’s Hazard Rush Game for Fame contest shortly in an update to this post.

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  1. Needs more sniffy

  2. I love it… I don’t know. The games on them have always (so far) been games I haven’t heard of, so it’s great to find out about new games…

    This may be a little far-fetched and hard to do without something built into the games, but it would be awesome if there was an overall leader board JUST for the game for fame contest… I like seeing how many of the other people on Phandroid I can beat!

    1. We appreciate your support! That’s what the contest was designed for…the Game for Fame scoreboard is a cool idea but as you thought, pretty much impossible with the game being reviewed. Any other ideas? Keep the feedback coming!

      1. I see several people commenting or upvoting to get rid of the social (fb/twitter/etc) requirements…

        One way around that could be a possible second entry (put their name in the list or however you randomly select someone twice) for people who share on a social network.

        That way Phandroid and Tegra or the sponsor still get the publicity, and the people who don’t use any social networks can still enter.

        People will still probably be mad since they can’t get as many entries, but people will always be mad.

        What I really don’t get is why they spend so much time complaining about it.. Just spend that time making a Twitter account just to enter contests or something…

        1. Good feedback and yeah, you’ll never please everyone. :)

  3. What I don’t like is that you must have a Twitter, Facebook, or Google + account to enter your contests.

    1. Noted…and a source of common feedback. Thank you!

    2. Agreed. I noticed that a lot of Phandroids aren’t like me (social whore).

      1. Well, I know you got the whore part right. Giggity. ;)

        1. I was waiting for that. Lol

  4. I understand that you guys love the free advertising for Twitter, FB, Google+ etc, but to echo the removal of using those (for those of us who don’t want to have one of those accounts) perhaps you could use a different method of advertising your sites by having the sponsor post the winner as well as the contest?

    Other than that, these contests were fun to see new games and at least you guys gave a reasonable score to beat.

    1. Good point and we’re looking into that. We currently just choose a game and go with it. Often times because of the weekly schedule it doesn’t give me a lot of time ahead of time to contact the developer to coordinate a marketing blitz on their social media…but we are working on that. Great feedback!

  5. If there was a way to make a “Game for Fame” hub… that way scores and progress can be tracked easier with less chance of manipulation of any sorts.

    1. I’m replying to your comment because it’s towards the top, not specifically because it’s your comment….

      A lot of people have mentioned a “leaderboard” that tracks scores. If the object remains to just beat my score to be entered, does it matter who has the highest score? What do people think of the idea of the highest score gets the/a prize? Just tossing ideas around…not committing to anything.

  6. I would suggest that the rules change to require that the text you need to post to the various social sites be more personalized (‘cept for the hashtags). That way, it’s not so cookie-cutter promo SPAMMY.

  7. More Chris Chavez. More Chris Chavez hair.

      1. I couldn’t agree more!!! LOVE THE HAIR!

  8. It would be great if we could vote on what games you pick. Obviously a free-for-all probably wouldn’t work, but possibly a vote from a selection of 3 or 4 games would still be nice.

  9. I would start by replacing the “Brady Bunch” looking Game for Fame logo with something more 8 bit retro look and feel. =)

    1. Do you do design work? :) I had the 8-bit coin in the “o” of for, but didn’t like it as much…seriously though, do you think we need a different logo? We’re looking/asking for all suggestions…what does everyone think about the name “Game for Fame”? Keep it, change it? Any suggestions?

      1. Sadly I am just a software developer and the part of my brain that does graphic design seems to be broken. But if your looking for a designer I have a few contacts I can give you. :)

  10. Perhaps an App that would act as leader board and entry into the contest instead of social media.

  11. It’s great the way it is!

  12. Leaderboards should be organized much better

  13. I would like to see a more diverse game selection, to give a more wide and even playing field so that more people can play

    1. Any examples? Good feedback…just trying to organize it all and make sure I’m representing the feedback accurately.

  14. A more organized score “board” would be nice. Especially if you can make an app to integrate it somehow. Great stuff otherwise.

  15. I do not want to have to share on social networking sites. It just seems to be a shameless way to advertise and promote Phandroid.

    1. I mean, that’s kind of the point of any promotion. We want to bring in new readers. I do agree requiring all 3 was a bit much. Should be more lax.

      1. LOL, I love you Chris, but you should read the directions…we didn’t require all three…it was the reader’s choice of one of the three.

  16. ooh Leaderboards would be awesome so we know where we stand

  17. I think leaderboards would be awesome

  18. Post the high score requirement in the news article. Sometimes you get tired of having to watch it again because you forgot what the high score was :P

    Also, maybe not a change to the Game for Fame contest, because I think the format works pretty well. It would be nice to create a Google Spreadsheet with all of the entries and scores, and keep a running tab of who has won what, and what their high scores were. Then, periodically, pull from that for readers who have won the weekly contest, and have a showdown for them to win an even bigger prize. To even it out a bit, allow even readers who weren’t on the spreadsheet to enter by beating the prior winners’ high scores.

  19. Make sure the games are compatible with the majority of devices. I could not compete in the Auralux challenge because the devices I own (Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10) were not compatible at the time. There were numerous comments about device incompatibility from all sorts of devices. I understand that there are logistics involved with age and region requirements, just suggesting to choose a game that works with most devices.

    Another suggestion is to make the challenge a little harder. With the Catapult King and Super Stickman Golf 2 challenges, I reached the high score without really trying. Make me earn that prize! ;)

    Final suggestion is to have two prizes. One as a raffle for completing a specific goal (like has been done up to now), and another for getting the “best” score.

    These contests have been fun. Gives me more of an incentive to try out new games that I would not have been familiar with otherwise.

    1. Excellent feedback. And the Auralux game was a mistake on my part. Trying to run these weekly has kept me on my feet (especially since I’m only a contributor and have a full-time job outside of Phandroid) and I overlooked that. I actually had a whole video taped on Ski Safari and realized it was a paid app after the fact (since I had installed it over a year ago). Any thoughts on maybe running the contest every other week? Or does everyone love the weekly format? (Not making any guarantees either way…just throwing ideas around).

  20. leader boards would be a great idea

  21. Create a ‘Phandroid’s Game For Fame’ application so that people can register and compete directly. It could be used to provide a link to the current game of the week, see current high scores as they happen, create a friends list, chat, and to further tighten the Phandroid gaming community as a whole. It could potentially bring even more traffic to the site if it’s released in the Play Store as a standalone app! …I’m looking at you Neverstill Media ;)

    1. I LOVE this idea but this is logistically very difficult (not that I’m discounting it…just letting you know it’s difficult). I am a very novice programmer on the Android platform, but I would LOVE to be able to create something like this.

  22. How about more common games?

  23. A centralized scoreboard

  24. I think y’all could make the contest more happy

    1. Happy, how? Would making the post background yellow do the trick? :)

      1. Yellow or pink with flying unicorns and bacon covered donuts thank you come again

        1. I’m really sorry…I know I can be a downer…I just get so sad sometimes. LOL. Just for the record, we can’t ALL have Chris Chavez’s glowing personality (and hair).

          1. I was kidding lol I couldn’t really think of anything to change but wanted to be in the contest. You are doing a good job on this. Thanks

          2. Yeah, no worries…I was just joking about being so sad…cough…cough. No seriously…text is so hard to insert sarcasm with. :)

  25. I LOVE this contest. I would just say that I would like the challenges to actually be challenging. The Auralux one was great. I would also like to have an easy way to keep track of all contests. Otherwise, keep it up :)

    1. Thank you. We always try to find that balance between it being challenging and it being obtainable. We want as many people to enter as possible…so we hesitate to make it too hard. I did like the idea though that someone had of having two prizes…the raffle and then another prize for the highest score. I appreciate the positive feedback though. Thank you!

  26. I think that it would be a great idea to use the rafflecopter widget to get people’s entries. For example, you get 1 entry for commenting and submitting your high score, 1 for posting on Google+, 1 for Facebook, 1 for Twitter, and another for Youtube. This way, I feel that those who don’t like the social network requirements can also participate.

  27. Leaderboards!!! o/

  28. Iwould just like a easier way to enter…

  29. My only issue is in my opinion, that the winner should be the one who has the highest record and that’s it. No need to pick the winner randomly between the ones who beat your record or get close, just who ever has the highest; he/she is the one who deserves the $50 GPGC. I also want to say I love this kind of contest and I wish I could win that gift card eventually. And I’m hooked with the Catapult King game (contest from 2/3 wks ago) keep up the good work!

  30. a more organized scoreboard

  31. an easier way to enter/streamline of submissions. maybe a GFF g+ community with categories being each game. would be super easy to upload a screen shot of a new high score will hiding at work that way ;)

  32. I’d love to see split prizes. Instead of a single $50 card to one random person, do a $25 to them (same conditions) and another $25 to a random person who was on the top 10 list for scoring… obviously, one person couldn’t win both prizes. While this wouldn’t work for devices and similar, in which case you’d revert to the current format, it would be great for morale on the weeks there is a cash card for grabs (which is more often than not)…

    I’d also consider linking to this on my twitter if I could modify the phrasing a bit (well, ok, a lot) keeping just the hashtag and link in tact, so it looks more like an endorsement from me rather than me being a shameless spamming douche trying to win crap…

  33. Make the challenges more difficult and state the goal in the article.

  34. I love Chris Chavez… No homo

    Onto more important matters, what I change would be more smaller prizes and maybe adding challenges like maybe playing while blindfolded or maybe getting a high score while only using the bathroom. Nahh..

  35. Would like to see a 2nd and 3rd place prize. Maybe it be a smaller dollar amount on a Google Play gift card, or maybe a Phandroid/NVIDIA product like a shirt or some other accessory.

    Just came to my mind! Do a monthly bonus grand prize where everyone who previously entered the contests for that month are AUTOMATICALLY entered and do a drawing for an even bigger prize!

  36. the only thing i would like to change is the scores. Too easy to beat lol!!! maybe im just addicted to games… nope now back to playing more games

  37. I don’t get it, how does this relate to the iPhone?! J/K I have yet to compete in one of these but it seems like a great idea aside from the social media aspect of it (which I do understand). Multiple prizes or varied prizes like Cruzerlite cases or something would also be nice :)

  38. I like the idea of splitting the prize between 2 players for $25 each or 5 players for $10 each.

  39. Maybe some sort of leaderboards

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