Verizon Cloud gives you 500MB of free storage for files and backups


verizon cloud storage

With the likes of Dropbox, Skydrive,, Google Drive and more swirling about it’s hard to imagine anyone picking a carrier-sanctioned cloud storage service. Verizon has done just that, though, as the carrier has announced Verizon Cloud. It is as it sounds — it’s a cloud storage account where you can store all your files and multimedia, backup your contacts and texts, and never lose your digital goods for as long as Verizon’s servers survive.

The service is only available for Android and via the web for now, but will eventually come to iOS and desktop platforms, as well as other mobile platforms, over the course of the year. You’ll be getting 500MB of free storage to start, a paltry amount compared to what you can get from competitors (be it their base allowance or through deals where you earn additional storage).

If you want more, you’re going to have to cough up the money — it wouldn’t be Verizon without that little caveat, would it? For $2.99 per month you can enjoy 25GB of storage, $5.99 gets you 75GB of storage, and $9.99 gives you 125GB. Those prices aren’t half bad to be quite honest. To compare, Google Drive’s premium options come in at $2.50 for 25GB and $5 for 100GB. Dropbox asks for $10 per month for 100GB. The difference is the generous starting point for each service — Google Drive gives you 5GB for free, while Dropbox gives you 2GB.

Verizon would have made a very nice case for itself if it offered at least 1GB of free storage, but with 500MB to give the service a light workout it almost doesn’t seem worth the time. Trying it is risk free, though, so if you’re curious how a carrier’s cloud storage service stacks up compared to internet heavyweights you can give it a try at

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  1. while free is good, 500mb is ridiculously low, try again!

  2. I wouldn’t call the 500 MB free; it’s linked to your Verizon account, so it’s more like an added feature of a paid subscription service. I won’t use this for the same reason I don’t use ISP-provided email. Also because the “Next” button stays greyed out when I try to add cloud storage to my plan.

  3. I saw 500 and got excited. After I saw that it was 500 Megabytes I thought “That sounds more like Verizon.”

    1. Haha! Sad but true…

  4. Screw verizon… I have a very small list of companies I REFUSE to ever do business with again and Verizon is right at the top with AT&T. Some of their business practices are down right criminal.

  5. If you have Backup Assistant Plus, this is the same thing. The name has changed. For 3 bucks a month you can get 25gb of storage.

  6. so this is why you don’t get 50GB of Dropbox with those Samsung handsets on Verizon?

  7. meh

  8. Meh, I already use DropBox, Box, Google Drive, and MediaFire. I’ve got plenty of cloud storage. I use DropBox the most out of all if them.

  9. Actually the subscription prices are very competitive, but man, the free service is pretty lame. Also, Verizon’s other services are so slimy that I hate using them. They push their ridiculous VZ Navigator (that always has to pop up when choosing what app to use for navigation, ugh!), and their pointless App Store, and a dozen other services. Maybe if I hadn’t already got a free Box account with 50 GB of storage during a promotion, or 20 GB via Pogoplug for users then I might consider getting dirty with the likes of Verizon. But when I purposefully don’t use their backup service and opt for other free, or DIY options I doubt I’d want to entrust Verizon with my personal files either.

  10. Thanks Verizon. This should be just enough storage space for me to place the passwords to the other cloud services I use.

  11. This actually sounds like a joke. I was with Verizon for 6 years and I will never go back

  12. Wot a joke. Dear Lord, please help me. Verizon is the devil, but i hang out in the boonies where even there i have to ask, “can you hear me now”? In almost all cases, the only answer is, “heeelllooo, we r Verizon, and we here you 5×5”.

    I prolly shouldn’t even post this bcuz vBuggars will c it and say “hey, another slave to our coverage.”

    Gotta b connected, vslave, DZMN!

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