Apr 29th, 2013


Looks like there were more than just the usual system components that were upgraded in the Samsung Galaxy S4 than we previously thought. Because of a change to the NFC controller component found inside the Galaxy S4 (NXP PN544 to Broadcom’s BCM2079x), it looks like GS4 will no longer be able to read Samsung’s current NFC tags dubbed “TecTiles.”

Chances are you received a handful of these when you signed up to receive the Samsung’s free Flip Case for registering your device not too long ago. Well, if you’ve got these strewn about the house to help make your smartphone life more automated, it’s time to rip ’em out and start over.

Samsung is introducing all new TecTiles 2 for use with the Samsung Galaxy S4 moving forward, and will be making them available shortly. The boys at AnandTech note that some TecTiles — not marked as TecTiles 2 — may have slipped out onto the market, so you might want to test ’em out before tossing them in the bin. Just to be on the safe side.

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