Apr 30th, 2013

Back in 2008 when the G1 first launched, there was a clear enemy: Apple. Lately, we’ve seen Microsoft make a big push with their still fledgling mobile OS Windows Phone, going on the offensive attacking Android OEM’s with legal threats and licensing agreements. Now it seems Android has a whole new enemy in Microsoft. And Microsoft hasn’t exactly been beating around the bush when it comes to their intentions. Just look at their recent marketing campaigns, to see who they’re gunning for. Hint: it ain’t Apple. They’re even gearing up to release an Android app into the Google Play Store dubbed “Switch to Windows Phone,” going hunting for Android customers on their home turf.

Maybe that’s why I found their latest ad spot for the Nokia Lumia 920 is so… misleading. In it, Microsoft makes light of Android and Apple fanboys who are so busy fighting each other with features and hardware, that it’s become a sort of holy war, ruining weddings and being all around d*cks about the phone they have in their pocket. The best line in the commercial? “I think they kind of like fighting.” Honestly, I get it. Just reading through some of the comments in Kevin’s farewell post is enough to make me lower my head in shame. One could even go as far as argue that there’s been an civil war brewing amongst the Android community, waving the flags of their favorite handsets manufacturers, attacking one another, forgetting that no matter if you’re a Nexus purist, Sammy fanboy, or HTC elitist — we’re all brothers and sisters in Android. That, and everyone needs to chill the eff out.

I have no idea where I’m actually going with this, so I’ll just end with this. If this Microsoft ad spot — which I might add, is pretty friggin’ hilarious — reminds us of one thing, let it be that we never lose sight of the people that make this mobile OS so great, lest we end up like the characters in this video. Now let’s all point and laugh and Microsoft and their feeble attempts to make Windows Phone look “above it all.” Ha-ha!