NEC Terrain leaked for AT&T, looks to give the BlackBerry Q10 a run for its money


NEC Terrain ATT

With the release of the BlackBerry Q10 —  BlackBlerry’s latest attempt at rekindling the QWERTY flame — it seems Android alternatives have already begun coming out from the woodwork. Enter the NEC Terrain which, according to leak meister generals over at @Evleaks, is already making it’s way to AT&T retail store near you.

It’s been awhile since we last heard from NEC. At Mobile World Congress 2013, they made headlines after showing off the international version of their dual-screen NEC Medias W. We were wondering if we’d ever see one of their devices land stateside and the NEC Terrain could be it.

The Terrain features BB’s tried-and-true front facing 4-row QWERTY keyboard but other than that, not much else is known. It appears from the leaked press shots that the Terrain will come running at least Ice Cream Sandwich, but general specs are still a mystery. No word on when we can expect this to release, but most of you wont care as the NEC Terrain has “Dadphone” written all over it.

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  1. Hm, I would love for an android phone manufacturer to really give a portrait? keyboard Blackberry a run for its money not only in the keyboard department but also the specs department because it seems that type of phone from an android phone manufacturer is either low end or mid range and never really a high end device.

  2. I know many former users of qwerty phones who best the best of the current on-screen typists and would kill to have a modern device with a physical kb.

  3. Probably the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen.

  4. That Nokia 210 qwerty looks better and its a dumbphone.

  5. Its kinda ugly :P and by kinda i mean very I remember when i had a NEC phone back in the days it was this one in my attached pic. (Biggest phone i d ever owned ) anyone else remember it lol

  6. This phone is ugly compare to the Q10. this is not a direct competition. To me it looks like a regular non smartphone

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