Apr 29th, 2013

Google Glass Sunglasses

The mobile engineer manager over at Twitter posted an interesting tweet today that could reveal the strong possibility of a Twitter app coming soon to Google Glass. @Mogrooth let the cat out of the bag thanks to Twitter’s meta data showing the tweet was posted via “Twitter for Glass.” Shiv Ramamurthi’s tweet also hashtagged “throughglass,” a popular hashtag for anyone posting Glass pics online. So is it really that surprising that a big name like Twitter is already working on an app for Glass? Yes and no.

While Glass still has some time on it before a retail release is ready, apparently Google’s managed to drum up enough support that the big boys have already taken notice. This backing, however minor, could give us a hint at Glass’ success once it’s finally released unto the masses. Time will tell.

Don’t forget that Phandroid is getting fitted this week for Google Glass, and we’ll have some nice hands-on demo for you in the coming days. I honestly can’t even contain my excitement. Good things to come!

[via AllThingsD]

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