Apr 25th, 2013

It might be a bit hard to believe that a high profile device like T-Mobile’s HTC One S still hasn’t received Jelly Bean, but that is the rock and hard place users have been stick between for quite some time. We’re not exactly sure what has taken so long, but the day has finally come for those users to get their own taste of sweet, hardened jelly.

You’re looking for build 3.14.531.11, and it’s a hefty 675.5MB download. That means you’re going to want to hop on WiFi for this one, and you’ll want your battery charged up to at least 50% before you proceed. In fact, the update won’t initiate unless you’re on WiFi so don’t try and check for it until you’ve met that condition. HTC warns the entire process could take anywhere from 10-20 minutes, and even a bit longer in some cases.

You’ll find the goods once you hit the settings menu and check for updates, so get to it and let us know if you find it OK. Once it’s all said and done you can look forward to Google Now, project butter, expanded notifications and more. You’re probably tired of reading about it by now after waiting all this time, though, so get to it.

[Thanks, Tune!]

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