Custom kernel transforms HTC One’s OEM logo into sleep and menu buttons


It seems HTC baked some pretty interesting functionality into the OEM logo on the front of the HTC One. It turns out the logo doubles as a capacitive button, and one awesome developer over at XDA was able to craft a custom kernel that unlocked its potential. One version of the mod within the kernel, called HTCLogo2Sleep, will allow you to put the device to sleep by pressing the HTC logo. (Conversely, touching the Home button will allow you to wake the device, something HTC doesn’t implement by default.)

Another implementation, HTCLogoMenu, makes your device’s OEM logo act as a hardware menu button. This particular hack is sure to be a popular one considering HTC decided to ditch a traditional menu button for an on-screen one in cases where an app doesn’t implement overflow menus. The kernel is a work-in-progress for now, but the already-impressive results have been shown off on the quick videos you see above and below.

Users with a custom recovery and an unlocked bootloader can try the kernels out for themselves, but note that flashing custom kernels — especially experimental ones — is extremely dangerous. Only proceed if you know what you’re doing. If you understand that warning and know that no one is responsible for your device but yourself, give it a shot and see if you can’t add some more killer functionality to an already killer device.

[via XDA]

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  1. Weird, I remember seeing something “official” about the entire bottom bar area not being capacitive (like older HTC models). It was even revealed in a tear down that the buttons couldn’t be remapped. Thanks, internet.

          1. *Facepalm*

    1. Are you a French Model? Because the internets says so! <3


  2. @ChrisChavez Don’t you know your not supposed to believe everything you read on the internets? lmao :P

  3. And Once again the development community has to intercede to start to bring out the full potential of a great device , I should of made the word start in caps , because the full potential of the phone is still in its infancy stages , the development community at xda are the best in the world and can’t wait to see future development , now if they can get there quality control issues addressed I might just take another look at the One , which I for the most part have already written off , only time will tell………

    1. Um, why the EFF would you write this phone off? Its easily a top 3 android device right now. While it isn’t perfect, it certainly doesn’t have a flaw that merits writing the phone off. But hey, I’m just your average Android fanboy madly love with his HTC One, so please enlighten me.

      1. Um , its a matter of personal opinion as is yours , but just for the record my first three phones where HTC and loved them , Hero, Evo which I still have till this day and still looks like I just took it out of the box , I still throw the latest ROM and kernel on there every now and then , because well I’m just more then your average Android Fanboy, and last but not least My HTC Evo 3d, now I’ll try to keep this simple because you seem to be of the ” Not Very Intelligent Kind” I’ve heard the duel speakers in person , wasnt impressed , I took camera shots with the one they where nice , but again wasn’t impressed, Oh and just for the record I own a smoking completely custom s3 , but that’s another conversation, sense 5 , ehhh , not impressed, blink feed , personal choice most hardcore android fanboys will probably disable it , and well its been reported on many many android fanboy sites about the quality control or lack there of, just Google it in case you haven’t heard , now I was highly impressed with the aluminum unibody design , but since I have OCD about my phones it would be in a case anyway , small battery , no miro SD , yeah I know , as outlet just about everywhere , car charger etc etc etc , for a phone I’m going to have for at least a year with today’s technology could of done alot better , yeah yeah yeah I heard ya cloud storage don’t need an SD card , but I’d like the choice , I could go on but its all personal opinion so don’t get your panties in a bunch, as I no doubt you are right about now , lol I kill me , where was I , oh yeah I’ll keep this short, now go have a drink with your One since your ” Madly in Love with it ” and while your at it go Unbunch your Panties………..ROFLOL……..

        1. more than* not “more then”, and its “you’re” in your last sentence….so who’s the “Not Very Intelligent Kind” lol

          1. OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh, snap! ^_^

        2. First of all, I go commando. Secondly, perhaps you should check your grammar before you insult anyone’s intelligence. Thirdly, my comment was strictly about the HTC One, so there was no need for your rant about your HTC ownership past. Funny, you disapprove of Sense 5 & BlinkFeed, when that can be “fixed” with a custom launcher. You complain about the camera, but there isn’t a phone that takes drastically better pictures. You’re underwhelmed by the speakers, when their sound quality is topnotch compared to other phones. I have always preferred phones with an SD slot and a removable battery, but figured 64GB and the phone’s other qualities were worth the exception. Finally, I’m not impressed by your “I’m just more then (should be THAN, genius) your average Android fanboy” comment. I think the average Android fanboy (including myself) has rooted, unlocked, and flashed at least a few dozen times. Anyway, I think that’s it for now.

  4. Sooooooo,Maybe HTC will re-consider the current 2-button layout & offer something better in a future update,perhaps a 3-button layout with re-mapping as a standard option.

    Any reason why they wouldn’t?

  5. This is really cool! Some people might be to chicken to try it though. (Chris) ツ

    1. I’M NOT CHICKEN! *unlocks bootloader* *bricks*

  6. “extremely dangerous” is a bit of an exageration imo. As long as you read the guides that people post and be careful you should be fine the vast majority of the time.
    Something to be careful with is more apporpriate.

  7. another review for further insight: http://bit.ly/15eir8o
    love the ultrapixels!

  8. Yes! Yes! YES!!!!

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