Apr 23rd, 2013

It seems HTC baked some pretty interesting functionality into the OEM logo on the front of the HTC One. It turns out the logo doubles as a capacitive button, and one awesome developer over at XDA was able to craft a custom kernel that unlocked its potential. One version of the mod within the kernel, called HTCLogo2Sleep, will allow you to put the device to sleep by pressing the HTC logo. (Conversely, touching the Home button will allow you to wake the device, something HTC doesn’t implement by default.)

Another implementation, HTCLogoMenu, makes your device’s OEM logo act as a hardware menu button. This particular hack is sure to be a popular one considering HTC decided to ditch a traditional menu button for an on-screen one in cases where an app doesn’t implement overflow menus. The kernel is a work-in-progress for now, but the already-impressive results have been shown off on the quick videos you see above and below.

Users with a custom recovery and an unlocked bootloader can try the kernels out for themselves, but note that flashing custom kernels — especially experimental ones — is extremely dangerous. Only proceed if you know what you’re doing. If you understand that warning and know that no one is responsible for your device but yourself, give it a shot and see if you can’t add some more killer functionality to an already killer device.

[via XDA]

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