eBay for Android update brings new shopping cart feature and improved UI


If you’re an online shopaholic, the latest eBay for Android update is only going to enable you further. The latest update (version 2.2) is now available in the Google Play Store and brings, not only a more minimal UI, but also a handy shopping cart for the easy handling of multiple items. This allows users to pay for items from different sellers in a single transaction, or save an item for later. Here’s some more deets:

  • Shopping cart support – Featuring account synchronization across supported devices and platforms so that when users access eBay across any device they will see the same items in their cart.
  • Updated user interface – Featuring a new style for the app’s HOME, CART and CHECKOUT experiences.
  • New checkout experience – Users can now add items to their cart and then pay for multiple items with a single checkout transaction. The app also features support for sending a message to the seller.
  • Improved Search – Featuring inline related search suggestions, autocorrect for misspelled words, and expanded results to other countries when there are low to no results.

Unfortunately, the shopping cart feature is only available for Android users in the US and UK for now, but we hope it wont be too long before we see it roll out in other markets as well. Link below.

[eBay on Google Play]

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