Apr 23rd, 2013

AT&T has finally dialed in its performance results for the first quarter in 2013. The biggest highlight for the company is that it added 291,000 net customers in wireless. The company also got 1.2 million more subscribers onto smartphones, something that’s sure to help their bottom line in future quarters.

Even better for Ma Bell was the company’s ability to meet Wall Street’s expectations almost digit for digit. The carrier was able to do that with $31.40 billion on $.64 per share in revenue on the quarter. About half of that $31.4 billion was brought in by AT&T’s wireless division. That was enough to give AT&T a profit of $3.7 billion, a pretty nice chunk of change for any company.

With that, it still wasn’t enough to top Verizon’s subscriber growth. Big Red added to its “nation’s largest carrier” tally when it reported 667,000 additions in Q1. Verizon’s revenue of $29 billion didn’t exactly match AT&T’s, but it was able to boast a more impressive profit of over $6 billion. Whichever way you spin it, one thing’s clear: AT&T and Verizon are still the two big dogs in America, and it’s going to be hard from any super conglomerate (we’re looking at you, Sprint and Softbank or T-Mobile and MetroPCS) to bring either of them down anytime soon.

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