Pantech Perception coming to Verizon April 25th [RUMOR]


We first heard about the Pantech Perception back in September, when it made its appearance in a leaked Verizon roadmap. Since then, the Verizon-headed device has done little to stay hidden by showing all its details in leaks and FCC filings. We are no longer impressed to see it coming, but if you are still waiting for it you may be happy to know the rumored release date is April 25th.

This is next week from this post’s publishing date, meaning the announcement should be just ahead (or Verizon is simply planning to release it without much hype). We can’t imagine many Verizon customers will be too excited by de device’s specs, though.

It would have been beast of a device last September, but by now its rumored specs are old news. It should have a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM and a 4.8-inch 720p HD display.

Considering everything, we expect the Pantech Perception to come with a very fair price. We can see it coming as a great affordable smartphone with a large screen and fair performance. It will probably act like a mid-tier device but be “perceived” as a better one.

[via @EVLeaks]

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  1. “It will probably act like a mid-tier device but be “perceived” as a better one.” I don’t think we have to worry about that, if anything this will act like a mediocre phone and be perceived as a low end piece of crap.

    1. lol

    2. I hope it’s perceived as a low end piece of crap. Its that sort of perception that makes decent phones super cheap used on ebay. The pantech marauder and galaxy stellar both have the same SoC inside as the GS3 and yet run at $40-$70 used on ebay.

  2. Pantech’s big chance is in selling unlocked phones at great prices, either online or through T-Mobile’s new phone financing scheme.

    Otherwise, carriers will just load it with crapware and display it next to last-generation Samsung and HTC devices selling at the same ‘discount’ price, where brand awareness won’t give Pantech a chance.

  3. Bring the Vega!

  4. Verizon, oh I how you toy with me…..Great network….but this is basically the only phone announcement in months…’re late on getting the SG4, and I’m desperate to get a new device. Would you please add one of the 3 soon…..A D5, Moto X Phone or Sony’s Xpreia Z please??

    1. What’s a D5? The moto x phone hasn’t even been announced yet, and verizon hasn’t had a sony android smartphone in a long long time.

      1. That was my point. D5 was the Droid 5, which may not even come out at all, the X Phone while not announced, has been a strong rumor for a while, and I know Sony phones aren’t available…..again, hence my disappointment in Verizon.

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