Apr 19th, 2013

Receiving news like this is never fun, but for some that recently pre-ordered the HTC One Developer Edition (64GB) and SIM Unlocked versions, emails were being sent out today notifying them that their devices have officially been delayed. Some of these units were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, but now these and others have now been pushed back to sometime “before the end of April.” It’s unclear if this delay is only affecting those that recently pre-ordered, or all pre-orders. Originally, I ordered my Developer Version on day 1 but had to cancel and re-order a few days ago in order to nab the free case promotion. Oh, about that case. It’s been pushed back to mid-May. Here’s the email I received:

Hello Christopher

We have an important update about your order. Due to shipping issues with the 32G unlocked and 64G Developers Editions of the New HTC One®, there will be a slight delay in shipping your HTC One® to you. We expect to have your phone delivered to you, via overnight shipping, before the end of April. We’ll do everything we can to get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

Also, due to overwhelming demand, there will be a delay in shipping your free case. We expect to begin receiving the Double Dip cases in mid-May, and will ship them as soon as they’re available.

We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with a new phone, and we are confident that the HTC One® will exceed that anticipation.

Thanks for the support,

HTC ShopAmerica

Delays have been rumored for weeks now and it looks like HTC could be attempting to allocate scarce units to markets where there’s the most demand (obviously, the carriers). While I can’t say this comes as a surprise, it just stings a little more after the Sprint and AT&T models are officially available for purchase starting today (the T-Mobile HTC One is available online starting today, and in stores the 24th). HTC’s call centers are currently yielding up to 20 minute wait times, so if you’re looking to cancel your order and pick one up at you local AT&T store, be prepared to standby. For me, the phone is definitely worth the wait and the thought of nabbing a One without carrier branding or bloat is enough to keep me hanging on.

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