Google releases One Today app, making it simple to donate to great causes


Google may be known for offering great tech-related services and products, but large companies have the moral responsibility of helping the world at least in small ways. This is what Google is doing by releasing One Today, an app that makes it incredibly simple to donate to nonprofit organizations.

What is it all about

It’s name derives from the idea that one can donate $1 per project daily. An individual can’t donate more than a dollar to a single cause, which I believe makes it easier for users. How many times have you heard the phrase “even a dollar counts”, but you don’t donate because you feel that is too little?

Making $1 a standard may help change this mentality. Instead of allowing users to donate more money to nonprofits, the Search Giant has decided to make the app social. Users can challenge their friends to match their donations.

Different projects will be regularly added/changed and you can simply choose which ones “inspire” you to donate. All the nonprofits belong to Google for Nonprofits, and there are many causes to choose from.

Does my money actually help?

This one is huge! Google is making an effort to really help nonprofits while keeping things simple and straight-forward for users. All the money you donate will be given to your nonprofits of choice, except for a 1.9% credit card fee. Google will keep nothing.

Also, Google is giving us specific details about how the money will help. Under the Project Gallery section, one can see the details. Google explains what a certain amount of dollars will do for the cause. For example, $1 will provide 17 days of school for a student in Laos. The same amount will plant 10 trees in Kenya.

Also, not only will your donations help the nonprofits, but they will also give you some benefits. All your donations are tax-deductible and your Google Wallet confirmation serves as proof. Unless you donate over $250, in which case you will get a tax deduction certificate.

How do I participate?!

The app is now available from the Play Store, but you won’t be able to donate until you get an invitation from Google. You can go ahead and request your invite from the One Today site.

It is only available for Android users in the US right now, but we hope more countries and operating systems are to be supported in the future. Go help out, guys!


Edgar Cervantes

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  1. This is a great idea! Add this to the growing list of reasons why I love Google.

  2. They don’t have trees in Kenya?

  3. Google has apparently forgotten the gnex is their old phone.. the nexus 4 exists Google!

    1. It’s nice to see that the GNex is still getting love.

  4. First thing I searched-on-page for was “tax”. Glad to see it covered…

  5. Meanwhile Apple is helping to make the world a better place by…. teaching children to work 17-hour days for almost no pay?

    Google – 98,723,540
    Apple – 3

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