Apr 19th, 2013

This has got to be the craziest rumor we have heard in a very long time! We are quite sure it will be for you, as well. All manufacturers are aiming to bring the best smartphones, the fastest processor, the most RAM, the biggest screen and… the thinnest body. This latter is what LG is aiming for with the Optimus G2, if the latest rummors happen to be true.

According to Chinese site MyDrivers, the Optimus G2 will not only be amazingly thin. LG is not stopping there – it will be so thin it will be too inconvenient to keep the buttons on its side. Apparently, this has enticed LG to take the power and volume buttons off the side of the phone and moved them to the back. You heard that right… to the back of the phone.

We want to say this is too crazy to even be considered, but we have seen crazy stories come to reality before. We still can’t wrap our hand around it – how confortable would it be to use a phone like that? I feel weird just using the back controls on the PS Vita. And how can a phone be so thin it will be able to have a 3.5 mm headset jack on its side but not buttons? The LG Optimus G already had a thin body and tiny buttons!

This idea will leave many of us confused and curious, but let’s say it happens. This brings yet another issue: will a device so thin be too thin? Many of us are already complaining about some of the thinnest devices out there. Some seem too fragile, and many of us would agree that we would rather have a larger battery than a thin device.

Where do you draw the line? If it has a relatively fair build quality and battery life, would you like to own a device so thin it would be better to place it’s physical buttons on the back of the device? Maybe you would like to have the buttons placed there, let us know!

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