The LG Optimus G2 is so thin the buttons don’t fit on its side [CRAZY RUMOR]


This has got to be the craziest rumor we have heard in a very long time! We are quite sure it will be for you, as well. All manufacturers are aiming to bring the best smartphones, the fastest processor, the most RAM, the biggest screen and… the thinnest body. This latter is what LG is aiming for with the Optimus G2, if the latest rummors happen to be true.

According to Chinese site MyDrivers, the Optimus G2 will not only be amazingly thin. LG is not stopping there – it will be so thin it will be too inconvenient to keep the buttons on its side. Apparently, this has enticed LG to take the power and volume buttons off the side of the phone and moved them to the back. You heard that right… to the back of the phone.

We want to say this is too crazy to even be considered, but we have seen crazy stories come to reality before. We still can’t wrap our hand around it – how confortable would it be to use a phone like that? I feel weird just using the back controls on the PS Vita. And how can a phone be so thin it will be able to have a 3.5 mm headset jack on its side but not buttons? The LG Optimus G already had a thin body and tiny buttons!

This idea will leave many of us confused and curious, but let’s say it happens. This brings yet another issue: will a device so thin be too thin? Many of us are already complaining about some of the thinnest devices out there. Some seem too fragile, and many of us would agree that we would rather have a larger battery than a thin device.

Where do you draw the line? If it has a relatively fair build quality and battery life, would you like to own a device so thin it would be better to place it’s physical buttons on the back of the device? Maybe you would like to have the buttons placed there, let us know!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. lol wut

  2. Sounds like something new. I’d be interested. : )

  3. I think the fascination of getting phones to resemble a sheet of paper as much is possible is so stupid.

    1. Wouldn’t it be better to use the same “slimmer” hardware and replace it with more battery room in a “bigger” shell so manufacturer’s can put more juice in?
      If only…

    2. Agreed both my devices are to thin without their cases that they are very hard to hold without them slipping my my fingers and its getting ridiculous lately

      1. Train your fingers by playing piano and do not eat too much greasy food

  4. pretty cool lol, i know Lg makes some good phones but well just have to see.

  5. Thinner is not better! My Razr Maxx slips out of my hand easily without a case on, same with my iPod. My Droid and the iPhone 4 were perfectly thick enough. I don’t want to cut myself on my slippery phone!

    1. If you have problems with phones then how you can hold fork and spoon with your hands ?
      Do you eat only at McDonald ?

      1. Wtf? You hold forks totally different. Phones are slippery when you’re sliding your fingers all over them without a case. Especially when there is no screen protector.

  6. Love seeing LG becoming a real top tier contender. No copying hear folks!

  7. I’ll trade thinness for a big, fat battery any day.

    1. LG can do both more battery capacity at the same time thin hardware.

    2. I was gonna say. If it’s so thin it can’t fit volume buttons, then solve that issue by tripling the battery capacity. Bam. No more issues and nearly half of a flip phone’s battery life.

    3. i think everyone would prefer a big and fat one over phone thinness.

      1. thats what she said.

        1. or He said?

          1. Omg, I barely n8ticed my mistake.

  8. Might as well go w/a glass back just like the N4 & put all of your “brilliant” ideas on one phone,GOLDSTAR.

    Fat head + thin brain = LG

    1. Seriously?

      It’s just a damn rumor take it with a grain of salt.

      1. You don’t think the manufacturers ever leak these “rumors” to gauge public opinion?

        After LG put out this ridiculous phone,anything’s possible:

        I wouldn’t put it past any of them,including HTC/SAMSUNG/MOTOROLA,etc……..

        1. LG the best!

          1. Yea, its just not possible for them to make a display that doesn’t have light bleed. And god forbid they write software… garbage every time.

          2. Ha the new Optimus UI is leaps and bounds “better” than Touchwiz and old Sense, I havnt use new Sense so I cant comment on that.

        2. Haha well that’s a fair point but until LG confirms these rumours I’m not gonna jump to any conclusions.

          1. Exactly,no need to worry about something that doesn’t even exist.
            One thing’s for sure,none of the mfgs have the perfect phone,but,they’re all leaps & bounds better than they were just a couple years ago.

      2. I think for this rumor, you need a bucket of salt…

  9. After being the owner of a Moto Xoom for less than a week, I can comfortably say that I would not buy a phone with the power button on the back. No way.

    Just put it on the front and stop worrying about people saying you’re doing it to look like apple.


    1. I’m ok with the Xoom’s power button (I don’t use a case)… however, a device with speakers on the back. No way & never again.

    2. I’m just amazed at the fact that you are using a 3 year old device lol

      1. I got it when it released, then took it back a week later. The button on the back was one of the reasons for returning it.

        That said, my tf101 is showing it’s age, but still plenty useful in my arsenal of gadgets.


  10. For me i’d have to feel it I my hand to be sure. To me through getting a phone as thin as paper is a good thing, having a fold out tablet or phone hell yeah! As far as the headphone port being to big, i’d think they would just make that part of the phone rise up, similar to what HTC did with their cameras. Just making the thickest part of the phone the headphone port. I couldn’t imagine them going to a smaller port, or just none. Once bluetooth gets more reliable maybe but not with bluetooth 4.0.

  11. I want a thin device so I can put a case on it without excess bulk. At the same time I want battery advancements. Not just bigger and chunkier batteries.

  12. This is what the patents for touch sensor on the back of the phones are for. It will wokr kind of like the volume on a rocketfish blue tooth works.

  13. I don’t want it anorexic. I want it FAT with Big Battery life. and if you, LG, want to make that phone anorexic at least, listen well LG, at least bring removable battery to that phone!!!

    1. LG’s batteries are Lithium-Polymer which can be shaped to fit a thin device much more easily than the common Lithium Ion battery. It also has a lower rate of discharge.

  14. I’d be very hesitant of getting something so thin regardless of specs.
    For one, I don’t mind a phone to have some nice heft to it; its reassuring to know it won’t slide out of the hand so easily.
    For two, I’d be afraid for accidentally sitting on it.

  15. Hey a phone so thin I can shave with.

  16. Silly, Too thin, I prefer thicker than 6/7/8mm for bigger battery

  17. I’m not sure what people mean by too thin it slips out of your hand. The GS3 has that slippery glossy back, but if it’s made out of not slippery material, like something with some traction, then it wouldn’t slip out of your hand because of its thin-ness

  18. Awesome! Flex screen too? I’ve always wanted a phone I can put in my wallet.

    1. I doubt LG is making any significant strides on that technology. Might be in the Galaxy S5 next year though

  19. My s3 was slim until i put nice fat extended battery.. now its what it SHOULD have been on release.

  20. Buttons on the back is dumb. No case on a glass phone is not very good thinking. Eliminates the possibilities of allot of extras for the phone. Will not work.

  21. I don’t even think my Desire HD with a otterbox commuter is THAT thick anyway.

  22. According my source there will be no buttons on new LG, because all actions will be manage by voice

  23. Honestly I just went from the Optimus G to the Razr Maxx HD battery specs aside, I actually like the feel and weight on the slightly thicker Razr. I really hope manufacturers start taking note from Motorola that with some good engineering you can stick a nice sized battery in your phones, for instance the htc one is the same thickness as the razr maxx, but the batter is 1000 mah less…..

  24. Apple will sue them for no reason…:D

  25. When I am displaying a picture and I hand my phone (Galaxy Note II) to someone else there is a 90% chance they will hit a button and change the display. If they had NFC phones we could just tap of course but buttons on side and lower front are not optimal. The question is not how thin or where to put the buttons but “How usable is this ‘do-everything’ device”. My Plantronics Legend Bluetooth fits in a case that has a battery to auto rechage. A thin phone with a holster that recharges it and maybe has memory to back it up would be a “smarter” phone.

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