Verizon confirms May release date for Samsung Galaxy S4


Verizon has removed at least some of the mystery surrounding the release date for its version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The company took to Twitter to confirm that the Galaxy S4 wouldn’t be arriving on its store shelves until May. Players like Sprint and T-Mobile have committed to late April for their respective launches, while AT&T’s original shipping day of April 30th for the device is still on as far as we know. That would leave Verizon, US Cellular, C-Spire and Cricket Wireless as the lone folks who we don’t yet have a concrete date for.

Verizon’s version of the phone was originally rumored to land May 30th, something that we could definitely see happening considering the timing of Samsung’s last two flagship handsets on the carrier’s network. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrived notably later than it did on rival networks, so it wouldn’t be the first time Verizon customers would have to wait a bit longer than others.

We won’t jump to conclusions about the actual date, though, so we’ll let those details slide through the grater as Verizon is ready. In news that may or may not be related, the company scheduled a May 22nd press event to make a “special announcement” at CTIA. We’re going to be on-hand for that shindig so stay tuned for what sounds like an exciting month for Big Red.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. LOL VZ always late.

  2. I guarantee you that they are late because they are finding a way to screw the phone up .. just wait and see

    1. yup, prolly will be missing some features

    2. They need the extra time to test all the crapware they’re adding to it.

    3. LMAO. This is oooo true. Trying to see how many places they can slap a Verizon logo on it.

  3. With all the money we pay for service, you would think they would try to get these phones to us at about the same time as the other, cheaper carriers

  4. Vzn doesn’t know how to read a calendar, huh?
    The S4 comes out on various carries the last week of APRIL, learn to read a calendar Vzn!!!
    APRIL it’s the month baseball season starts. Wednesday 4/24, I will be at the T-Mobile store, a case has already been shipped out for my S4 from Amazon.

  5. could use a bit more ram, but man that octa-core processor sounds awesome.

    1. I’ve never been using my smart phone and thought “man I really need more RAM”… The US Version is quad core anyways, not octa.

      1. Really? There are times when I have so many apps running for work related tasks that my phone just slows down and starts closing apps I have open. This happens to me a good bit and I always say I need more RAM and a bigger processor.

        1. Yea, I generally have quite a few apps running at the same time, live wallpaper doesn’t help much either haha. 2GB of ram is really nice, but some more wouldn’t hurt either

          @ClayRogers No cota for US version?? That’s kinda lame :/

  6. Very disappointing for sure. I bet the g4 will be priced higher on Verizon then all the other carriers. I would bail in an instant and go with sprint if they had better lte coverage

  7. Now, what about the HTC One?

  8. Hell, if an unlocked version is out before verizons… Im buying that. Im tired of paying the highest contract prices only to be last for EVERY phone I want..

  9. The Note 3 will have a more premium build hopefully metal body but also the octacore processor with LTE no point in getting the s4

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