Verizon plans “special announcement” for May 22nd — what is it?

Verizon Wireless invites the press to a special event at CTIA 2013.

Verizon has been a bit quiet on the events front as of late, but the company has just issued invites to a press event taking place May 22nd at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas. It’s been tough to get a reading on Big Red’s roadmap for 2013, with the only device we know for sure heading to the carrier sometime soon being the Samsung Galaxy S4 (a review of which we’ll have on your plate soon enough).

Verizon’s Galaxy S4 release date has long been rumored for the end of May, and if that holds true then this event could be the coming out party for its version. There’s no concrete evidence to suggest that’s what Verizon will be showing off, though, so we’ll have to wait for official announcements or rely on leaks and clues if we want in on the big secret ahead of this event.

It could be anything, from the future of the company’s vast 4G LTE network to an announcement that it’ll update rate plans in a way that’s actually beneficial to most customers for a change. That last one is a bit of a pipe dream, but that’s the beautiful thing about dreaming — anyone can do it, and it can be about anything. What do you think or hope Verizon has to show us around this time next month? Be sure to circle your calendar and make a note to return to Phandroid on that date as you can be sure we’ll be covering it live!

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  1. Probably a new T-Mobile related data service plan… If my memory serves me correctly, there was a rumor that Verizon would do a plan service similar to T-Mobile’s contract-less plan.

  2. Unlimited data for everyone

    1. Not too likely since they’ve been making more money since they introduced tiered data plans.

    2. Pssssst…wake up, your having a wet dream.

  3. I hope its an unlimited plan for same price as 2gb but with limited minutes

  4. maybe new nexus may 22 day after google io :P

    1. I hope not. After they Galaxy Nexus screwups VZW should not have another Nexus for a long time.

    2. They wouldn’t hold a big event if they got another Nexus device. When their version of GNex became available, they didn’t even bother notifying the people who signed up to be notified. For that matter, they pushed other phones (Razr and Razr Maxx particularly) over the GNex.

  5. More expensive plans, less data, longer contracts. Seems to be where they’re heading.

    1. …with some sort of bs that screws people out of their grandfathered unlimited data.

  6. I bet they’re announcing the X phone and the resurrection of $30 unlimited data plans.

    1. Ha! If that were to happen with the X phone, I would take a trip to sunny California and punch Google right in the eye.

  7. News ways to screw us over and a permanent block to google wallet? And maybe isis is finally going live but with a warning that it might not work and expose our financials to the world to see…but if we pay them a monthly fee they’ll monitor our accounts for us.

  8. As long as it’s not: “We got hacked and for security purpose we are giving everyone a new phone number…” :)

    1. I will just aim it to my Google Voice number and not worry.

  9. A few guesses:

    1) More expensive data plans with lower caps.
    2) They’re launching their own app store and will block the Play Store.
    3) They’ll no longer carry any phone with an unlockable bootloader.
    4) Due to customer complaints about delays in delivering Android updates, they’ll no longer provide OTA updates, ever.
    5) For your security, they will block Google Wallet at the TCP/IP level, so even if you manage to install it on one of their devices, it still won’t work.
    6) VZN Galaxy S4 release delayed 3-6 months so they have more time to test all the crapware they are adding to it.
    7) They’re buying AT&T, Sprint, and TMobile… just try to leave them now!

    1. Dumbass , they run on different technology. Verizon continues to be the best carrier withthe most LTE coverage.

      1. By “best,” you mean they bend you over the best, right?

  10. Maybe they are officially rolling out VoLTE. They keep showing off Voice over LTE, but haven’t actually put it out there for us to use, so maybe it will come out on the GS4 or something like that. I would like it on my GSIII :/ I have found a few dead zones for 1x and 3G that have nice LTE coverage, so calls drop while data hums along just fine.

  11. the CEO wants to eliminate contracts. probably what’s being announced

  12. It would be funny if it were the Samsung Galaxy S4. We are going to have a special announcement about a device that T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T already have available. I doubt this would be the case. It would be a yawner.

    Updated plans is very possible. Verizon will find a way to make T-Mobile’s strategy worse. I know what they will do. The unsubsidized phone plan will go for their current subsidized pricing and the subsidized price phone plan will cost $20 more a month. After all, this is Verizon. They know how to nickel-dime better than anyone.

  13. Something that will cost you more and give you less. That’s VZW’s mantra.

  14. update rate plans in a way that’s actually beneficial to most customers for a change! since when does Verizon do anything to benefit their customers? believe there will be benefit but is not for customers.

  15. Whatever it is will end up costing you more, but will be presented in a way that makes it appear you’ll save money, while also having you believe that this is something customers have been asking for.

  16. Hoping for the Verizon Droid One from HTC.

  17. Quadruple Play!

  18. Probably Verizon’s HTC One-like flagship/replacement for the DNA

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