Pantech Vega Iron announced, features 5-inch ‘bezel-less’ display


Pantech has just outed their latest Android smartphone, the Vega Iron. The new phone is jumping on board the zero-bezel bandwagon, touting a nearly edge-to-edge 5-inch display. It’s not quite full-frontal glass, as a 2.4mm gap is present on either side of the 720p screen. That’s less than a tenth of an inch and equates to one of the world’s best screen size to device size ratios, according to Pantech.

Other specs are fairly standard for a modern high-end smartphone and include:

  • 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600
  • Gigabit WiFi
  • Android 4.1.2
  • 2150 mAh battery

As with most phones in the Vega line, a release around Asia is likely, though other regions have not been identified. Perhaps the US is one possibility for the bezel-less device, but we aren’t holding our breath.

[Pantech via Engadget]

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  1. There is one problem with bezel less phones. They have to be fairly (or pefectly) rectangle.

    1. what is a perfect rectangle?

      1. go into a circular room and stand in the corner….i promise it will come to you :)

        1. are there any circular phones out now?

          1. i can see it now ” INTRODUCING THE NEW APPLE CIRCLEPHONE”

          2. I’m sure some women would like that…make it flip open and double as a compact. lol

          3. Like a round LG Lotus.

          4. The pear phone from icarly!

  2. “world’s best screen size to device size ratios”

    Sony Xperia ZL has slightly better overall screen to device size ratio.

    1. if you count the three dimmensions, the Galaxy S4 has the best ratio.

      Xperia ZL is 90019 mm³
      SGS4 is is much smaller, 75323 mm³

    2. That’s why the article says “ONE OF the world’s best screen size to device size ratios.” Doesn’t state it to be THE best

  3. does the screen only have two sides?

  4. and then they ship it with an older JB version, by the time of the release Key Lime Pie might be on my Nexus 4. :D

  5. What a beau! I will personaly ask my friend in china to get it for me! I want go compare it the s4 and htc One!

  6. I personally like a little bezel… Otherwise I get false touches on the screen when I grip the device. That being said, this thing looks sharp.

    1. There are software solutions for that, but I totally agree.

  7. What’s the ppi on a 720p 5inch screen?

  8. Very sleek looking. Pantech actually makes good phones.

  9. Too bad its a Pantech

    1. I’m assuming you know of them? They don’t seem to be everywhere and I’ve never owned a Pantech phone. So I wouldn’t know their reputation. Care to explain?

      1. You must be new to the cell phone world. I mean Pantech is the company that brought us the Pantech duo and other awesome cell phones. Super poor build quality and just all around bottom tier phones. I am really surprised that you dont really know anything about them they made a crap ton of phones. Also im not sure I know anyone out there talking about how they have to get that new Pantech phone.

        1. I have no idea what the Pantech Duo is. LoL!! I didn’t get into smartphones until the Samsung Memoir. I think that was Summer 2009. Yea. Because I started college. Before I had simple phones before then.

          1. Pantech makes phones with “great” specs and really all around terrible build quality. They will put a 12.6MP sensor on a phone just to catch the eye of the uninformed consumer and make a sale. They try to keep up with hardware and fail most every chance they get. Then the software is infinitely worse. The only thing they have going for them is that they are the only company with a halfway decent “easy mode”. But other companies are looking to take that from them as well.

  10. I’m still confused with the obsession over how a device looks.

    1. “If you don’t care how your smartphone looks,…. you’re probably a rednec..err..iphone user.”


      1. So I’m a redneck because I value function over form? For you to not grasp that concept indicates you are retarded.

        1. Lighten up Francis.

          It was a joke. A ha-ha. A funny. A xD.

          1. In that case, I’m the retard……..Where’s my special helmet?

    2. The fact that I’m willing to use the HTC One over the S4 after having the S2 for 2 years must mean I don’t care all that much on the features of a phone. The things I want in a phone are:

      Good media abilities

      Good reception

      Can play apps

      Connect to your TV

      Has the latest update

      I don’t need multi-view. So this means it doesn’t really matter what phone I get. So in that case what phone do I get? How about one that looks cool? Seeing as it doesn’t matter about the hardware that much.

      Some people don’t care about what a phone looks like. Some people just want to be on the latest version regardless. Some people just want weird things on their phone. Had I been on AT&T I would have gotten the HTC Surround when it came out.

      Asking about the obsessions is like asking why do people buy trucks when they don’t use them for towing or off-road. Preferences is the answer.

  11. Battery is too small. Quad core is gonna eat that battery. What nobody noticed is “gigabit wifi”, i am guessing that is the new 802.11ac standard, which is much faster than wireless N-currently on all high end phones. There currently are only a handful of wireless routers that give this new gigabit signal, and I dont think there is a single wifi mic that can talk on that band. When I bought my AC router, the only way to test gigabit wifi speeds was to use another AC router as a client.

    So if this has AC in it, thats pretty badass. But I would guess it would eat battery even more.

    1. Yeah, because I use my phone all the time for applications that need gigabit wifi!

  12. This is moving in the right direction. I think a 4.7″ to 5″ bezelless phone is perfect.

  13. Sure would be cool if the S4 was bezel-less !

  14. 720p screen? Boo. Although gigabit WiFi sounds interesting.

  15. If it were a 1080p screen it would be with considering.

  16. Looks like they listen to the people.

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