Larry Page enthusiastic about Motorola’s upcoming products


In Google’s earnings call for Q1 2013, CEO Larry Page touched on Motorola Mobility’s progress on new device development after the company got through the majority of its 2012 pipeline. Page noted that he’d just taken a look at some of Motorola’s upcoming products for the first time, explaining that he was “pretty enthusiastic” about it all.

We imagine one of those products is the Motorola X Phone we’ve been hearing so much about lately. The esteemed CEO went on to praise Motorola for their swift execution of new products as the company has seemingly produced an impressive new device ahead of Google’s expected schedule.

Page said he wanted to see phones that parents could give to their kids and not worry about having something spilled on them, or phones where you can walk out of the house and not worry about having to take your charger.

With that, we might have a hint as to the type of quality of product we can expect, though there’s no surprise that Page wasn’t interested in going into too much detail (or if these qualities would extend to Motorola’s latest). If previous rumors are accurate we shouldn’t have long before we see these products for ourselves as they are expected to be revealed at Google I/O.

[Update]: Larry Page was kind enough to post the transcript on his own Google+ page, so if you want to see exactly what was said be sure to give it a read.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is definitely exciting. The CEO rarely praises something like this…

    Edit: where is the source? Where did you hear about Larry Page saying such things? Did he tell you directly?

    1. First sentence: “In Google’s earnings call for Q1 2013, CEO Larry Page touched on Motorola Mobility’s progress.”

      1. Lmfao… Just tell him to read the entire article a couple of times so he could understand… Lol

      2. I got that by reading through the article, but typically you put a link to the source in your article. I didn’t listen to the Google’s earnings call (or didn’t even know where it was held) and there was no other article in phandroid about it.

        Thanks for providing a link in an update. I use the source links very often to find more information about an interesting post.

  2. Release on all carries or it’s a fail!!

  3. You go Quentyn…Tell the dude where you got yur info. Lol

  4. That’s nice to hear after his initial thoughts on Motos “pipeline”.

  5. No PenTile display please.

  6. Larry is such a good person.

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