Iron Man 3 trailer shows glimpses of micro-transaction misery [VIDEO]


Leading up to Iron Man 3’s announcement, we didn’t know what type of game to expect from Gameloft. We got our answer when it was unveiled at the Game Developers’ Conference last month — an endless runner that will suck you dry of all your coins through the advent of micro-transactions. It’s a practice that has become increasingly popular (and equally as annoying) in the mobile world, and Gameloft isn’t ashamed to say they want a piece of that pie.

In the latest teaser for the game, we’re given a glimpse of what you’ll probably be spending your money on. One of the main components of Iron Man 3 is the ability to upgrade Tony Starks’ suit, with 18 different suits to upgrade in your quest to become the most powerful and effective Iron Man you can be.

Each suit is unique in weapons and attributes, so there’s some varying degree of replayability if you don’t mind being urged to spend your real dollars to unlock their full potential. Take a look in the trailer above, and watch out for the game’s launch next week, April 25th, in the Google Play Store for free.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I learned early on that Gameloft is a money hungry developer like Zynga. (Perhaps they are related?) I always steer away from their products, because if I like them they will suck every little penny out of me that they can and leave me dry and in misery!

    1. Zynga are a bunch of scumbags. I used to have their poker app, it was fun at first but as you gain higher chips they start giving you garbage hands and when you lose a big pot you’re prompted to “buy more gold”. Scumbags gonna scumbag.

  2. No thanks… I just want games that has one flat fee, with everything included.
    Idk when devs will actually realize it, or maybe they are too stingy. In that case, make apps that everyone would want, and would wonder what they were doing before they found the dev’s app.

  3. Now, are you actually required to spend real-world money or is it just that the in-game currency doesn’t accumulate as fast as one would want it to?

  4. I’m not even surprised anymore…

  5. I don’t mind micro transactions as long as they’re used to allow power gamers with less time on their hands to buy what they want instead of farming for it, but the moment you make buying things a necessity for game experience you’ve gone too far as a developer.

  6. I won’t ever buy a game that uses micro payments. I want one price up front and the game is then mine to enjoy.

  7. So what micro transactions, you know what it means.

    when they are implemented its the develpoers trying to stretch out the game, which looks like a on a rail shooter anyway so why anyone in their right mind play this junk is beyond me.

    The Video game of the Movie law still stands true Movie = Good Game = Shoddy

    you’d not buy a game based on a movie for console / PC so why with android ?

    1. I always hold out hope that some day, some developer will give us the next Goldeneye (aka the greatest game ever created for a movie)

  8. Soooo tired of endless runners.
    This looks like it would’ve made one helluva sandbox game. With my heros, I want missions… not “fly til you die”
    Seems like the developers are phoning it in these days even with highly-anticipated movie tie-ins.

  9. Why not just play the game casually without paying and without hating lol
    People rage over a game who they can’t beat so they whine about Freemiums.

    1. You mean they whine about being cheated.
      Freemium is nothing more than a way to charge a price no one would ever pay at one time for a game.

      As a working adult I rather spend my limited game time, far more limited than budget, on products that are not this sort of trash. For kids who have lots of time and no money I can see the attraction.

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