Sprint getting Galaxy S4 April 27th, T-Mobile April 24th


Two carriers have confirmed April dates for the Galaxy S4’s release following Samsung’s announcement that the phone would be available starting this month. Sprint has finally given us a date to look forward to. April 27th — just 10 days from now — is the Galaxy S4’s landing date for the Now Network. Sprint’s version has been priced quite interestingly.

Existing Sprint customers can upgrade or add a line for $250, but new customers will get the device for $150. And if you’re a new customer porting in a number from another carrier, take another $100 off that. It’s no secret by now that new customers always get the sweetest deals so we can’t say it’s too surprising. You can begin pre-ordering the device starting tomorrow.

T-Mobile has also confirmed its plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 24th. The date wasn’t quite as big of a mystery as everyone else’s — countless leaks and an accidental confirmation by a support rep on Twitter made us confident about that one — but we’re glad to see it formally announced anyway. T-Mobile’s version will be supported under the new UNcarrier pricing plans, giving customers the ability to nab this thing for $150 down, with the rest of the payments spread across your monthly bill.

We’re still waiting on word from AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, C-Spire, and Cricket. AT&T’s ship date on the pre-order page has been listed as April 30th, though without a formal statement or press release to back that up we aren’t putting too much confidence in that day. Similarly, US Cellular simply said the ship date would be four weeks from yesterday, but without a proper date up on the board we won’t count on that being 100% accurate as the weeks roar on. Regardless, it looks like everyone will have their shot to own the Galaxy S4 by the end of May, and the country will rejoice that it won’t have to wait until the end of Summer like it did with the Galaxy S4.

[via Press Releases]

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Official: US carriers getting Galaxy S4 starting this month

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  1. T mobile was was first with the note 2 now first with the s4 keep it up t mobile

    1. T-Mo always seem to get the phones first. First with Dream G1, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note 2, ( i know cause I bought all 3 of these launch day lol)

      Not sure about GS2 and GS3 but im sure they were first as well.

      1. took the words right out of my mouth.

      2. Sprint was first for the SGS3.

        1. And GS2 and T-mobile was last on the GS2 too

  2. Sprint’s deal for porting a number is $100 off the $250 price so it ends up being $150 for new customers who port their number, not $50 as your article makes it sound.

    1. I was going to point out the same thing. I preordered direct from Sprint, and transferred my #, and the cost was exactly $149.99

  3. “Regardless, it looks like everyone will have their shot to own the Galaxy S4 by the end of May, and the country will rejoice that it won’t have to wait until the end of Summer like it did with the Galaxy S4.”

    GS3 me thinks you meant?

  4. Wait.. what is that led looking thing at the bottom left of the phone?

    1. It looks like that picture was taken at an event where the phones are attached to a power/leash cord so people who are trying them out don’t walk anyway with them. I think that is what you are asking about anyway.

      1. im curious about the bottom left.. not the security device with it’s lights on. Thanks for trying to help tho lol

    2. That’s a reflection from a light in the room.

        1. ty

  5. Man that’s a huge blow to htc. The one and the s4 available the same day on tmo. I think the one is a better built phone but htc can’t touch samsung on the software side (not to mention the one isn’t even shipping with the latest and greatest android) and when it comes to accessories if you want a lot of choices the s4 just wont be touched especially by the one.

    1. I dunno that lock screen widgets are that big of a deal, since it’s the only major change between 4.1 and 4.2 on phones, and the One isn’t using the stock lock screen anyway…

    2. One is not better built. Now if you’re talking about building materials, that’s subjective.

  6. I think it is awful that Sprint is charging $250 for this phone and I certainly hope Best Buy or Amazon or some other online store carries them for the $200 price tag that other carriers are charging for the SAME phone. JEEZ! Sprint is filled with greedy little bast**ds!

    1. While I disagree with the price point that Sprint is charging for the device.. one has to realize that they have to make money somehow

      1. I totally understand that Sprint has to make money, I’m not a socialist for goodness sake, but $50 more than what others are charging for the same phone is just dumb. I can see if they are getting more memory on the Sprint version or some other upgrade but just to charge an extra $50 over it’s competitors is not a good business practice in my opinion. On the other hand if the people drive to the Sprint Stores in droves then they are geniuses and will make a ton of cash. We shall see, but I am hoping Amazon or BB will under cut Sprint’s price and steal a bunch of their front end business.

        1. Is it 250 for the 16 gb?

          1. We all believe it is since there hasn’t been anything indicated to tell us otherwise. $250 for 16GB is a rip off. There’s no denying that. I just know why they are doing it. That’s all.

        2. Socialist? I think you meant to denigrate Communist. A little socialism goes hand in hand with a capitalist society, else it’s a hell hole too.

          1. I didn’t mean to denigrate anything. It was written more tongue in cheek really. I am actually quite liberal and think a little socialism isn’t a bad thing, but I was just trying to make a point. Hopefully this $250 price will be for an upgraded memory GS4.

      2. They could start hookin’.

  7. Tmo’s Facebook page says it’s May 01.


  8. T-Mobile knows nothing about April 24th! Frustrating! I tried preordering.

    1. lol

  9. My understanding is 4/24 online, 5/1 in store

  10. so the galaxy S3s AKA galaxy S4 will be out next week? cool.

  11. Sure would be nice if T-Mobile took pre- orders!!!

  12. I guess Sprint didn’t get the memo when AT&T tried this mess. It should be a crime to charge someone a extra $50 for the prices that we pay for our bills and horrible coverage. I’m very happy to have gotten the HTC One instead, I was on the fence for a while, but, now I know I made the right deal.

    With the $100 Visa GC from HTC and $50 from Best Buy, I will only be our of pocket $50 for the One.

  13. sucks that theres no 32gb version to launch at same time, and once again im sure we wont even see a 64 gb version in the U.S.

  14. I just saw on Facebook that the S4 will be at TMO on 5/1

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