RadioShack leak shows AT&T getting Galaxy S4 April 26th


While Sprint and T-Mobile have already announced their release dates for the Samsung Galaxy S4, we’re still waiting on formal word from other carriers. That includes AT&T, the nation’s second largest carrier, who started accepting pre-orders of the device yesterday. At that time, AT&T’s site mentioned the device would be shipping by April 30th, but those estimations are always subject to change and we just haven’t been comfortable accepting that date with open arms.

A new leak suggests AT&T’s Galaxy S4 will be available a few days sooner than that. This internal document from a RadioShack employee reminds staff that AT&T’s Galaxy S4 will launch April 26th with a price tag of $200. Note that this could only mean RadioShack will be offering it that day: AT&T could still be getting it even sooner than that.

The same document lists Sprint’s version for April 27th, which we now know to be official. It seems we can put a higher degree of trust into this, then, but we still won’t pass that off as fact until we hear it from AT&T ourselves.

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Sprint getting Galaxy S4 April 27th, T-Mobile April 24th

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  1. I’d like to get this thing, but there’s no way I’ll stick with Touchwiz, and I’m concerned a lot of the benefits of the handset won’t be implemented by the custom ROM community (such as touchless scrolling, and the hover-context-menu thing). Then again, I think reviewers underestimate the appeal of AMOLED. It’s hard to go back to LCD when you’re used to that brightness and infinite contrast.

    1. I was on paranoid android… I just couldn’t stand missing all the practical features of touchwiz. And so I’m back and can’t be happier. I don’t think i’ll be looking into custom roms anymore. Doesn’t really offer anything special that’s worth having over the samsung features. I think touchwiz rocks. Im on Note 2 btw.

  2. Way to go Verizon, Late to the party again.

  3. So T-Mobile the 24th at&t the 26th Sprint the 27th and Verizon the end of next month.

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