Apr 16th, 2013

The latest rumored date for an HTC One on T-Mobile was April 24th, but without official word we were naturally reluctant to put 100% of our faith into that date. A new development has made believers out of us, though, as the T-Mobile support Twitter account seems to have confirmed the aforementioned date to a user.

Oddly enough, the Tweet mentions that T-Mobile previously announced the date to be April 24th, but we know that never happened. Perhaps this support rep — using the tag “AG” to identify themselves in the Tweet — was just confused, or perhaps they let something slip that they weren’t supposed to just yet. Going further, the rep stated the device “should” be available both in all stores and online.

We’ve had our fair share of “gotchas” by now to know not to take this one series of Tweets at face value, but with this information lining up with recent rumors we can’t help but think the date has some legs. We’ll see if T-Mobile has anything to say about this apparent confirmation in due time.

[Thanks KOLIO!]

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