T-Mobile HTC One launching April 24th?


T-Mobile hasn’t been interested in confirming a concrete release date for the HTC One thus far. The company can’t quite be blamed for that hesitance considering the shaky month HTC had in trying to meet demand and overcome component shortages. With stories that HTC’s production forecasts will improve significantly in the weeks and months ahead, though, it looks like T-Mobile is finally ready to settle on a date.

TmoNews is reporting that Magenta is looking to launch the phone starting April 24th. According to the language on the leaked documents, the phone might only be launching in limited capacity at select stores across the country, a move that isn’t new to the world of wireless (and makes a lot of sense in this particular situation). In that event, we imagine the launch locations will be staggered to reach as many people as possible, with mid-high populated areas getting more plentiful stock than some of the more rural areas of the country.

With less than 10 days to go until the supposed launch date we won’t have long to wait and see if T-Mobile issues an official press release confirming all of this. Sprint and AT&T are said to be getting its stock on the 19th when it will be immediately available for sale, so T-Mobile shouldn’t feel too bad if it’s only less than a week late to the party. Let’s just hope murmurs of a mid-May launch aren’t truer.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I don’t care! S4 for me! S4, S4, S4!!!

    1. ummm…. are you for real dude? grow up.

      1. He likes plastic…alot.

        1. I hate the plastic argument, you can’t just out right say it’s a bad phone.

          1. Now, now. Hate speech not warranted. And no one said “it’s a bad phone”. A lot of people like plastic – particularly when it feels really plastic. Not everyone likes metal.

  2. Don’t care, S4 for me!*!*!

    1. to each their own,

      but here in the us you have 2 identical phones (internal).

      -One of them has
      –a tried and true UX on the device
      –last years model was rock solid
      –the screen produces excelent Blacks
      –removable battery
      …..ok safe bet

      -one of them has
      –superior build quality, that’s not an argument, aluminum phones just feel and look “premium”. Fact. (you could argue “i use a case”…. but im talking about the phones, out of the box)
      –Better camera (after SW update)
      –Better screen (arguable…but only if you LOVE amoled)
      –new innovative (though unproven) UX
      –TV IR blaster

      I choose the latter….

      1. To the Galaxy S4, you are also forgetting:

        –Processor clocked 200mhz faster
        –Expandable memory (SD Slot)
        –Repairable (HTC One was given the worst rating for repairability I have ever seen)
        –Consistent OS updates (great for those that dont do custom roms)
        –TV IR blaster (both phones have it)
        –Slightly larger screen

        To the HTC One:
        –Better camera (arguable as well, depending on purpose)
        –Better screen (agree’d, defiantly arguable considering both screens have good and bad things about them).
        –Better speakers

        Personally, I do not care much about the speakers, as I dont use my phone as a boom box. Which leaves the UX and the Aluminum body to as the determining factor. To me, these 2 things do not equal better phone for me.

        1. I did not realize the s4 was clocked higher…but who knows how that will effect real world performance or battery life. So, …meh :-/

          I did forget about BoomSound, but I would benefit from this quite a bit, i find myself “cupping” my gNex a lot.

          Both great phones :-) I think the One will sell well if they can get them on the shelves, and they market it themselves rather than leaving it up to the carriers, something Sammy and Apple figured out a while ago.

          I also think the s4 will suffer a *tad* with the “not that much better then last years model” that the Apple has dealt with since the iP4s came out. However, Samsung will sell 5x more units then HTC on brand-name alone.

        2. Oh my goodness 200 Mhz better? WOW!

          1. considering the G1 was clocked at 300mhz.. :P

          2. It all counts.

          3. It’s too bad the One benchmarks higher than the S4, even with it being 200 mHz faster…

          4. Really? I’ll have to look that up.

        3. From what reviewers have said who have actually USED both phones, the HTC One is smoother. It even benchmarks higher than the GS4. Mhz isn’t everything lol. It seems that HTC has listened to complaints about Sense (especially the memory handling in Sense 4) and made Sense 5 a lot lighter on both memory and processor, Samsung, on the other hand, is junking up Touchwiz more and more, and by running the front camera essentially all the time it stresses the processor more. I wouldn’t be surprised if the HTC One had better battery life too, even though the GS4 has the larger one.

          1. Not necessarily true because those features which use the camera to detect your face can be disabled.

          2. The thing is…if you disable all of the gimmicky features that use the front camera then that pushes the advantage further in favor of the One. You can’t have it both ways! The One’s feature set, on the other hand, appears to be designed around how people actually use their phones. I am of the opinion that most folks won’t use most of the features Samsung is stuffing into Touchwiz on the GS4 anyway. They are just to “check the boxes” for marketing.

          3. In a way maybe, but users will always pick the name they know best over the underdog.

          4. Usually, but not always. If that was the case, Windows Phone and BlackBerry would be running the roost still, with iOS lagging and Android being a marginal product. Given the amount of interest in the One, and knowledge of it even amongst some of the non-technophiles, I think that HTC will have a hit on its hands. Yes, the GS4 will outsell the One (Samsung could just simply drop the price if they had to in order to drive sales, while HTC doesn’t have that luxury), but I don’t expect HTC to do poorly with this phone.

        4. I wouldn’t give the S4 “Consistent OS Updates” just yet… you may need to knock on wood

      2. It’s actually been said in A LOT of reviews the the S4 camera is still the superior camera, except maybe low light. Maybe.

  3. Makes sense… I mean they sold out pre-order quick. It seems like HTC is doing to to- mo what suppliers are doing to HTC (one delays) and LG (…nexus 4 mess).

    “you’re not a top 3 carrier so you don’t get as many phones, and you don’t get them as soon as you need them because Sprint and at&t (and verizon…just not in this case) need them more.”
    -HTC to t-mo and their subscribers

    “Your not a Tier 1 manufacturer anymore, so we will make yours and LG’s parts if/when we get a chance, we are pretty busy making parts for Samsung, Apple, and Sony, Sorry hope that’s not a big deal…”
    -Parts suppliers to HTC and LG

    But I guess thats just biz

  4. My friend at tmo told me the same today and also that the One won’t be available at all stores on the 24th, including none of the stores in my immediate area. On top of that the htc upgrade offer for tmo customers mentioned in the fine print that you had to purchase the phone by the 26th to get the $100+ trade-in. Weak.

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