Apr 15th, 2013

T-Mobile hasn’t been interested in confirming a concrete release date for the HTC One thus far. The company can’t quite be blamed for that hesitance considering the shaky month HTC had in trying to meet demand and overcome component shortages. With stories that HTC’s production forecasts will improve significantly in the weeks and months ahead, though, it looks like T-Mobile is finally ready to settle on a date.

TmoNews is reporting that Magenta is looking to launch the phone starting April 24th. According to the language on the leaked documents, the phone might only be launching in limited capacity at select stores across the country, a move that isn’t new to the world of wireless (and makes a lot of sense in this particular situation). In that event, we imagine the launch locations will be staggered to reach as many people as possible, with mid-high populated areas getting more plentiful stock than some of the more rural areas of the country.

With less than 10 days to go until the supposed launch date we won’t have long to wait and see if T-Mobile issues an official press release confirming all of this. Sprint and AT&T are said to be getting its stock on the 19th when it will be immediately available for sale, so T-Mobile shouldn’t feel too bad if it’s only less than a week late to the party. Let’s just hope murmurs of a mid-May launch aren’t truer.

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