MyGlass app now live in the Play Store, Glass specs revealed, and more


The MyGlass companion app is now live in the Play Store after Google began notifying folks that the first Explorer Edition headsets are currently rolling off the assembly line. The timing of the app, then, is not surprising, as it provides users with both a way to setup their new piece of expensive high-tech gadgetry as well as interface Glass with their Android phone.

The app uses the familiar Card UI that has been finding its way to more and more Google apps, a likely sign of things to come in Android Key Lime Pie, but that’s for another time. Aside from the app, Google has also launched an online setup page for Glass.

But that’s not all. Google has also posted the hardware specifications for the production model of Glass, which include a 640 x 360 display (simulating a 25-inch hi-def monitor from a distance of eight feet), 5MP camera, and 16GB of internal storage supported by “Google cloud storage.” As previously detailed, Glass will feature audio via bone conduction. Battery life is said to last “one full day of typical use” and Glass will charge over a standard microUSB cable. Standard WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity is present.

And if that didn’t quench your thirst for info about Glass, Google has also posted the documentation for the Mirror API, giving developers their first taste of what coding for the platform entails. For now, it comes with some pretty stringent guidelines, including a ban on ads and paid software (this stipulation seems likely to change once Glass exits “beta”).

With the first Glass Explorers soon to receive Google’s latest tech experiment, we’re sure to hear a lot about the futuristic eyewear over the coming weeks. The first real Glass apps should also start trickling in. We’re excited to see what’s in store.

[via Google Developers]

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  1. Excited as hell. Makes me wish I was a dev.

  2. can’t wait

  3. Still think this is dangerous, what we need are more distractions. As a prescription eyeglass wearer, I have to deal with smudges, and dust specs all day long. This I would think is 1000 X’s worse.

    1. i wouldnt mind having glass on my Glasses do they HAVE to mount to the right ete?

    2. How do smudges have to do with distractions? Take out a tissue and wipe your glasses, or get contacts.

  4. why doesn’t he read the guidelines from the Glass hes wearing? Seems like a no brainer to me.

    1. Probably has more details or blocks of text lengthier than would be appropriate for Glass. Then again, if all Glass is doing is showing me cards and what is basically widget data, I can just pull out my phone. AR and wireless camera viewfinders are where this thing will shine.

  5. a 25incher at 8 feet is kinda tiny lol I am sitting about 8 feet from my 50″ plasma and its about the right size for the distance.

    1. Sure, if you want an immersive experience that fills a good chunk of your field of view. The glass display is supposed to sit in the periphery and only be viewed as a complement to your natural surroundings, not to block your vision of them.

  6. Any one know if it can do driving heads-up display type functions like give you navigation directions, speed, etc.? That would be really cool, and safer than glancing else where in the car.

  7. Not available in my country. Canada

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