Apr 15th, 2013

As Microsoft takes its sweet time bringing out its own office product, the folks at Mobile Systems have released a great new update to its OfficeSuite Pro. This is version 7.1, and it brings some big features like an Oxford English Language Dictionary add-on for text correction, the ability to perform a Google search right from Word documents, the ability to insert a image right from the camera in Word, Excel and Powerpoint, the ability to resize tables in Word, dual-screen support for Samsung devices with multi-view, links and shadows in Powerpoint, image replace in Word and a lot more.

The full list can be had at the Google Play Store under the “What’s New” section so get over there and check it out while you’re getting 24MB download. Both the free and trial versions of the app have been upgraded, as well as the paid $14.99 version, so click the appropriate links and get to it!

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