Gameloft releases new Dungeon Hunter 4 trailer – coming soon to Android devices [VIDEO]


It was towards the tail-end of March that we saw a teaser for the upcoming Dungeon Hunter 4, and it gave us a quick glimpse at what Gameloft had in store for the latest sequel in the franchise. Following the official launch of the button-mashing-extravaganza on iOS, we now have a full trailer, complete with loads of gameplay, to dive into. Check it out below.

Graphically, the game looks like a worthy successor to Dungeon Hunter 3. Characters are visibly more detailed, enemies are bigger and more terrifying than ever, and more backdrops and environments look more epic than ever. Grazing over the ratings on the iTunes Store, the only thing that appears to be holding DH4 back is its gratuitous use in-app purchases. We’ll reserve judgment until we can get our own hands on it but unfortunately, there was no word on when it will arrive on Android other than “soon.”

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  1. gold hack and we are good

    1. know of such a thing?

  2. in-app purchases!

    1. no seriously.. F THEM ALL.. fuckin ruining the whole fuckin industry. Take for instance, Eternity warriros 2. I fuckin spent 10 dollars to get some damn gems so I can upgrade my weapon. Even the fuckin upgrade has 60% chance to work. And ofcourse it didn’t so I spent another 10 dollars and just used their fuckin greedy azz gold to combine for a 100% probabilty. WTF is that. FUCKIN Thiefs. Should go to fuckin jail.

      1. they had an offer and you chose to agree to the terms of the offer and now you are mad? really?

        Like going somewhere, ordering the steak that’s description says this steak comes with a 50% chance that it has been seasoned. And then bitching after you buy it. Nothing wrong with saying you dont like Freemium, but to complain about your OPTIONAL choice to spend money is pretty childish.

      2. LMAO, god damn whiner. Is it like someone put a sword up your neck to force you the in-app purchases? lol damn kids rage over his own stupidity is funny.

  3. sooo disappointed this is freemium

  4. Will it have real time multiplayer ?

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