Colorful OtterBox Defender and Commuter cases now available for the HTC One


After coming soon pages went live back in February, OtterBox’s popular line of Commuter and Defenders cases are now officially available for the HTC One. Sure, the HTC One definitely isn’t the most fragile smartphone ever constructed, but we wont blame you if you want to get a head start on protecting your investment. And when it comes to protection — these OtterBox dudes don’t mess around.

The more heavy duty Defender case for the HTC One retails at $50, featuring 3 layers of protection, even going as far as including a screen protector built right into the case. Now that’s protection. The Defenders come in 4 colors, featuring tried n’ true black and 2-tone colors like white and silver, white and magenta, and blue/green.

The Commuter case is a little lighter on protection and retails for $35. When I say lighter, I simply mean by OtterBox standards. The Commuter still offers more protection than your typical eBay case thanks to a silicone inner liner, and hard polycarbonate shell for maximum shock absorption. The commuter comes in black, silver/white, grey/turquoise, grey/purple, and blue/green.

If you really want to protect your shiny new investment, you may want to consider these cases from OtterBox. Links below.

OtterBox Defender Case for the HTC One $50

OtterBox Commuter Case for the HTC One $35

Chris Chavez
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  1. that eye of sirius looks freakyyy!!!!

      1. Ok, I only came here to make the comment that the case looked like a creepy hieroglyphic eye. Phew!….glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that.

  2. I want this thing far away from my HTC One! It’ll make it look ugly and bulky… no thanks

    1. But it’ll also PROTECT IT.

      I’m buying the Commuter AND Defender for my damn Nexus 4. Lol

      1. Now you get one. Amazon has good prices

      2. This is why you have insurance. Defeats having the most beautiful, sexy phone on the planet.

      3. Since when do they make them for the Nexus 4?

    2. I’m with David on this one. This horrendous thing is getting nowhere near my HTC One, however the Poetic cases will be perfect.

  3. It looks way better than always seeing otter boxes on iPhones!

  4. remember the defender for blackberrys? covered the keys with a rubber shell and everything…ahhh

  5. I sell phones and I have one coming from the rep and I will throw one on my phone. People who are so worried about it looking pretty are morons

  6. Would rather break my phone, then put this thing on my One

  7. Is it just me or does the commuter version make the phone look better lol I don’t really like the look of HTC One.

  8. Can someone help me understand what the difference is between an Otterbox Defender case, and a Commuter case?

    1. The commuter is a rubber case with a hard plastic shell, very protective and stylish and not as bulky as the defender. The defender is a 2 piece plastic snap-on case that snaps in a practically impossible way for it to break open unless you do it yourself (very good feature if u drop ur phone often) and then covered by a thick rubber outer shell, and also the snap on includes a screen protector attached to it so you don’t need to apply a screen protector; it’s extremely bulky and takes away all the beauty of any device, but protects it to its fullest! For more details and pics, check this out:,default,sc.html

  9. I bought a commuter for mine, just waiting until the 1st of may to pick my One up. HTC AT&T we have a meeting…………soon………

  10. I also read that there is a juicy pack battery case that will be available that will double the battery life.

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