Gameloft releases teaser for Dungeon Hunters 4 [VIDEO]


Gameloft is doing a little more pre-show teasing this morning as it gets ready for a busy GDC. The game developer has released a teaser trailer for Dungeon Hunters 4, a free-to-play RPG that features tons of dungeon-crawling goodness.

And yes, free-to-play does mean you can expect that great new “freemium” model that the world has just fallen in love with as of late. That aside, we didn’t learn much from the teaser except to expect gorgeous visuals and tons of unique monsters to combat as we look for new weapons, armor, abilities and more.

It seems like the same old song and dance overall, but until Gameloft issues a more formal announcement or we find this thing somewhere at GDC we won’t know exactly what we’re dealing with here. The game is “coming soon,” though, so it shouldn’t be long before we see it ready for consumption in the Google Play Store. Watch the trailer above and see if the developer can’t twist your arm.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This video gave me an erection.

  2. Please let it be like Dungeon Hunter 1 & 2! No more arena like #3! :)

  3. Yikes, one of them escaped from Gawker!

    1. They make me sad.

  4. 1. Who is Nora?
    2. Who is Francisco?

    last month*
    seven months ago*

  5. I guess I can give this game a try.

  6. Beats Diablo 3 for sure.

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